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Gwen Carr

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Mayor’s Garner-Inspired Cop Discipline Overhaul Questioned

De Blasio’s plan to speed up internal NYPD probes could jeopardize criminal cases, say some lawyers and prosecutors — including the acting Queens DA.

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The Garner Family’s Quest for Justice, in Photos

On the fifth anniversary of Eric Garner’s death at the hands of a NYPD officer, here are images of a family’s struggle that resonated beyond New York.

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Eric Garner’s Mother Tells Mayor to ‘Stand Up’ After Feds Ditch Case

De Blasio didn’t stick around City Hall for a rally with Garner’s family. But he changed how the NYPD will deal with police-involved deaths.

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‘The Whole World Saw’: Eric Garner’s Mom Slams Cop’s Defense

Defense witnesses say Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s didn’t use a chokehold in videotaped death. Closing arguments are set for Thursday in his NYPD trial.

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Eric Garner’s Mother Struggles Through Cop’s NYPD Trial

Gwen Carr doesn’t believe the administrative trial — which resumes Wednesday and could end with an officer’s firing — will bring justice for her son.


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