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Gun Violence

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City Readies to Pay Incentives to People at Risk of Committing Gun Violence

The Advance Peace model of mentoring and rewards for reaching life goals has been proven to work in other cities and is about to get its biggest test yet.

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Bill Evading Federal Blockade on Lawsuits Against Gunmakers Passes Legislature

Brooklyn Sen. Zellnor Myrie targets 2005 law that forbids suits against companies on behalf of victims of their firearms, saying New York would be the first state to strike back. The bill comes as shootings are spiking in the city.

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Queens Candidates’ Life or Death Call for More Trauma Care

Borough president hopefuls speak out after our team report reveals gunshot victims are more likely to die the farther they are from a trauma hospital.

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Gunshot Victims Have Highest Chance of Dying in Queens

Data indicates distance to a trauma center plays a life-or-death role. There’s only one trauma center in southern Queens, and it’s struggling.

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Brownsville Demands Action in Wake of Mass Shooting

Some say Mayor de Blasio’s $9 million criminal justice budget boost isn’t enough as local activists set own priorities for healing the community.


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