Gale Brewer

Real estate industry seeks carte blanche to rework older office buildings, as the work-from-home revolution gives edge to neighborhoods with full-time residents.
Mayor Eric Adams’ team wants control over committee with subpoena power over city agencies — but another contender, city government veteran Gale Brewer, has the new speaker’s support, sources say.
Manhattan’s Gale Brewer and Queens’ Donovan Richards issue call for transparency after THE CITY revealed the de Blasio administration withheld a map tracking fatalities at the pandemic’s 2020 peak: “This information could have saved lives.”
De Blasio has vowed to fully reopen the city on July 1, but center operators say they’ve heard nothing. Meanwhile, older New Yorkers are eager to get back to in-person meals and socializing: “They cry,” says Manhattan BP Gale Brewer.
A City Council hopeful on the Upper West Side has a plan for more affordable housing there. Mayoral candidate Scott Stringer now backs a plan for more development in SoHo. How the “yes in my backyard” mindset is shaping 2021.
A review by Borough President Gale Brewer found that 19 of 22 Manhattan precincts remained barricaded — spurring her to call for an end to the “siege mentality.”
With a month until classes start, officials launch a hunt for move-in ready spaces for educational programs and child care. Possible spots: a Chinese restaurant and a cathedral.
Crews return to controversial Upper West Side site as developers say wind threatens the unfinished building and officials OK “emergency work.”
Here’s what we know about the demographics of Manhattan’s 12 community boards, thanks to detailed information collected by BP Gale Brewer’s team.
In the wake of the Tessa Majors killing, Harlem and Morningside Heights neighbors explored solutions to both safety and social issues around the park.
We analyzed the latest available demographic data of the city’s volunteer boards. Check out your neighborhood’s numbers and find out how to join.
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A public forum on security and community, involving residents and a host of local groups, will take place on Wednesday — and “all ideas are welcome.”
The billionaire presidential hopeful’s media company was cited for a policy requiring workers to provide a doctor’s note after one or two sick days.
The governor wants a sketched plan for Pier 40 and Pier 76 from the Hudson River Park Trust by May. What that may look like is anyone’s guess.
Richard Lewis withdrew from the chairmanship of Manhattan Community Board 12 following an investigation that found he displayed gender bias.
Borough President Gale Brewer’s office found Richard Lewis removed women from leadership roles. But he’s not going anywhere.
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 300,000-unit program has yet to yield a single new low-cost apartment in Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhood.
Netherlands sea-rise expert launches review of controversial $1.3 billion project at behest of Manhattan borough president and local council member.
The Manhattan borough president wants Rikers women moved into the Lincoln Correctional Facility, a prime property whose future has sparked debate.
City Planning Commission will consider mayor’s case for Rikers Island replacements — amid objections from borough presidents and community boards.
The Manhattan borough president goes back to court to stop new version of Upper East Side luxury housing plan from proceeding without public review.