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Fort Greene

Coverage of Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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Bill Cosby Stars in Brooklyn High School Teacher’s Panned Comedy Lesson

Parents of teens who took a remote class on the convicted sex offender are furious and say an assistant principal dismissed concerns. The teacher defended extolling the disgraced entertainer’s brand of "clean" comedy.

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Two Brooklyn Schools Set to ‘Merge’ for Integration, Space

Fort Greene’s popular lottery-based school Arts & Letters is set to move into PS 305, an under-enrolled school in Bed-Stuy.

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Two Brooklyn Schools Prepare for Merger That Would Further Student Integration

As other desegregation battles flare, Fort Greene’s Arts & Letters aims to fold into Bed-Stuy’s PS 305 to reduce crowding and boost diversity.

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Game Clock Ticking on Affordable Housing at Brooklyn’s Pacific Park

Local watchdogs doubt the sprawling development that includes Barclays Center will reach the goal of 2,250 low-rent apartments by 2025.

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Brooklyn Pedestrians Say Broken Traffic Signal Has Been Ignored for Months

Since February, a cone has stood where a pedestrian signal once did. The intersection is just blocks from where Mayor de Blasio launched Vision Zero.


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