From food stamps to immigration court to parks access, millions of people locally could soon feel the brunt of Washington’s dysfunction.
Vendors warm to the idea of powering their freezers with electric or renewable energy, as the City Council considers a fossil fuel ban.
‘This is the best restaurant in Queens,’ says one fan of the the Corona mainstay, founded in Cuba in 1950.
The city’s new menu requirements went into effect this summer and will affect millions of meals for older New Yorkers.
Shelter staff responded to the improvised protest by telling worried parents that they could leave if they didn’t like it.
How does a New Yorker join a community green space, and what’s expected of members when they do? THE CITY gets the dirt on how they operate, in time for summer.
The Essex Crossing location is poised to be the grocery chain’s first in the city to organize, following failed campaigns at two other NYC locations.
In a reversal, City Hall is advancing a new minimum hourly rate of $19.96, nearly $4 less than previously proposed.
The city’s live bird markets and slaughterhouses are, well, playing chicken with animal rights organizations pushing to permanently ban new operations here.
The proposed new sites, at Verdi Square and in Fordham Heights, would join one already announced at City Hall Park in converting vacant newsstands into charging and rest stations.
The fast-casual seafood chain never registered as a franchisor in New York and has faced several lawsuits from franchisees and investors. Its CEO argues these claims come from disgruntled ex-associates.
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Grassroots Grocery has a charismatic founder, a compelling origin story and a six-figure reserve fund that mutual-aid workers and organizers in the borough say are the fruits of “poverty pimping.”
See shells journey from dinner plates to docks as environmentalists and restaurateurs use mollusks to boost local ecology.
Hostos Community College students are entering their second year of in-person classes. But they still have to go off-campus for food.
The borough’s community refrigerators — fewer than during the pandemic — are strapped for cash as well as volunteers to transport food.
Pervaiz Shallwani dipped a hot dog into New York’s melting pot, and what came out was delicious.
The inspection report, obtained by THE CITY, also found other violations including old food residue on surfaces like a matcha stirrer and a cappuccino nozzle.
Campylobacter is a gastrointestinal bug that can come from eating raw or undercooked poultry. About 50 cases have been reported so far to city health authorities.
Scooters, e-bikes, hoverboards, unicycles — New Yorkers will find all sorts of creative ways to get around. But it’s becoming an e-jungle out there on the streets.
E-bike and phone chargers are coming soon to City Hall Park and other spots, after drivers for companies like Grubhub and DoorDash dreamed of having warm places to pause between runs.
Operator Howard Hughes Corporation says new upscale dining hall from the French food impresario fulfills its obligation under a 2013 deal with the City Council for locavore food stalls — while a longstanding nonprofit market gets shunted to a small storefront.