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Coney Island NYC Ferry Site Could Dredge Up Toxins

Mercury, PCBs, lead, dioxins and pesticides lurk in two possible Coney Island Creek dock locations, environmental impact documents show.

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Developer Floats Ferry Link Between Upper East Side and Astoria

The Durst Organization’s proposal would extend the Astoria NYC Ferry route to the 90th Street dock in Yorkville – at public expense.

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Double Duty: How an Overseer of NYC Ferry Became an Investor

Mark Patricof, a member of the Economic Development Corp.’s board, advised a buyout of NYC Ferry parent company Hornblower last year.

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Stringer Fires Another Torpedo at EDC’s Embattled Ships

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer has sent back an $82 million plan to buy new boats, questioning the integrity of the EDC’s selection process.

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Comptroller: Put NYC Ferries in DOT Hands

After THE CITY revealed the high cost of EDC’s decision to buy boats for a new system, Scott Stringer called for a Transportation Dept. takeover.

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City Hall’s $369 Million Riverboat Gamble on Ferries

Taxpayers are poised to pay for a bevy of ferry boats – a cost that might have been avoided had officials picked another bidder, documents show.


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