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Fernando Cabrera

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311 Assailed as ‘Epic Failure’ for the Deaf Community

At Council meeting, Councilmember Fernando Cabrera calls out accessibility issues for hard-of-hearing New Yorkers and non-native English speakers.

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Community Board Cash Goes to Some Members’ Nonprofit Groups

Board officials in The Bronx and Manhattan got more than $10K each for the organizations they run, potentially violating city ethics rules.

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City Council Puts Brakes on Community Board Spending

New rules require board votes on big purchases — and limit how funds can be spent following The CITY’s report on one board’s $26,000 SUV splurge.

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Community Board Sprays Weed-Killer Its Council Pal Wants to Ban

With $20K secured by Councilmember Fernando Cabrera, Brooklyn CB18 cleared its property using glyphosate — a chemical he hopes to outlaw citywide.

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No Cars Allowed: Community Boards Get New Funding Boost, With Warning

New city budget includes another $42,500 for all 59 community boards — this time with vehicle purchases banned after Brooklyn SUV fiasco.


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