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Hurricane Ida Recovery Aid is Too Little, Too Late, New York Storm Victims Say

Renters and homeowners slammed by the deadly storm face different obstacles and seek varying types of relief. But their shared experiences — including living in fear of the next storm — underscore a housing crisis exacerbated by climate change.

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Ida Devastation Spurs Call for a New ‘Build it Back’ Program for Flooding Victims

Queens BP Donovan Richards pleads with de Blasio to "step up" as swamped homeowners deal with slow and small aid. He’s pushing for a version of the Sandy-inspired program to repair — and possibly elevate — flooded homes.

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Ida Aid Coming for Undocumented Immigrants Via Newly Launched New York Fund

Hochul comes to Queens Monday to announce $27 million in cash assistance for flooding victims excluded from FEMA help — including many still rebuilding their homes just blocks from where the governor will speak.

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Undocumented Immigrant New Yorkers Shut Out of Federal Hurricane Ida Aid

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has so far doled out $10 million to New Yorkers impacted by the devastating remnants of Hurricane Ida earlier this month. But many undocumented immigrants are being left out of that pool.

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How to Clean Up After Ida: A Guide for the Flooded

What you should know about safely putting your place back together, where to look for financial help and whether renters insurance covers flood damage. (Answer: Rarely.)

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Bodies of Hundreds of New York COVID Victims Still in Trucks on Brooklyn Pier

About 750 New Yorkers taken by the pandemic await possible burial on Hart Island, the city’s potter’s field. City officials, though, say there’s no timetable to transport the fallen from refrigerated units in Sunset Park.

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‘Gateway to Poverty’: Calls Rise for a National Relief Fund for COVID-19 Victims’ Families

Thousands of working-age Americans have died from the virus, underscoring the often-crushing financial fallout of losing a loved one to the pandemic. Some are seeking a compensation fund modeled on aid for 9/11 victims’ kin.

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Former Inmates Threatened with Early Checkout from Taxpayer-Funded Hotel Rooms

Homeless people who moved into rooms in Manhattan and Queens after leaving jail or prison could be back on the streets by Oct. 31 — especially if money from FEMA doesn’t come through.

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Texas Firm Reaps Millions Booking COVID Hotel Rooms for NYC

When homeless New Yorkers and other guests check in for taxpayer-funded isolation hotel stays, the Austin outfit makes $27 a night, records show.

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NYCHA’s Post-Sandy Rebuild Mired in Delays and Dubious Contracts

Red Hook and Riis houses residents live in construction mazes while most damaged complexes are still awaiting repairs seven years after the storm.


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Flirting With Disaster: Flood Zones Still Uninsured Years After Sandy

Nearly 85% of NYC houses and apartments FEMA flags as vulnerable don’t have flood insurance — putting 250,000 homes at risk, our investigation found.