Federal Monitor

The medical examiner ruled Curtis Davis’ death a suicide by hanging, despite the initial internal report that said he was found unconscious on the floor.
The fight for control of city lockups will play out in court over the next few months.
How many officers are working double or triple shifts? Without the data, the Board of Correction won’t be able to tell, a member says.
Appointed to help improve conditions at Rikers, the federal monitor asks a federal judge to further remove jail management from city officials.
A court battle over whether control of city jails should be transferred to a federal overseer will begin this summer, a U.S. District Court judge ruled Tuesday.
The monitor decries explanations that just don’t add up about one detainee severely injured and another one dead.
A court-ordered timeline for fixing boilers and elevators and eliminating toxins and pests is imperiled by a gigantic deficit in rental revenue, says the housing authority.
Any court battle over whether control of city jails should be transferred to a federal overseer will have to wait until April, a U.S. District Court judge ruled Thursday.
It’s been slow going so far for a plan that a judge will assess in November while deciding whether or not to take away control of the city’s jails.
Corrections departments in California and Chicago highlight benefits and challenges of moves to place chaotic lockups under outside control.
With the plan to shut down Rikers Island looming, the Department of Correction is prepping for a battle over control of all city lockups.
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Citing an “extraordinary level of violence and disorder” in city jails, Manhattan U.S. Attorney Damian Williams wrote an angry letter to a federal judge on Tuesday saying his next step would be “more aggressive relief.”
The federal monitor overseeing city jails decried a “system that is rife with violence and disorder” as Rikers Island reels from chaos. It’s the worst year since the overseer was appointed in 2015, according to his latest dispatch.
Use of force against inmates at Rikers Island and other local lockups hits five-year high, according to the federal monitor appointed to oversee the troubled system as part of a 2015 class-action lawsuit settlement.
After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.
Deal to oversee housing reform will cost taxpayers at least $60m over five years. Even with a pay cap, the monitor will out-earn de Blasio and Cuomo.
Federal monitor OKs long-delayed release of $450 million for public housing upgrades — but new equipment remains many winters away from firing up.
Weeks after a special report by THE CITY on costly unsupervised construction jobs, the Housing Authority is put on notice to clean up its act.
HUD’s Lynne Patton declared that “fraud charges are forthcoming” in the wake of THE CITY’s reporting on $250 million in spending on “micro purchases.”
The Housing Authority has left tens of thousands of clean-up requests open for months — and even the ones that have been closed may need second look.
A damning federal monitor report describes failures to protect public housing residents from everything from lead to mold to rats “the size of cats.”