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Rikers Report Calls 2021 ‘Most Dangerous Year’ Amid Escalating Jailhouse Violence

The federal monitor overseeing city jails decried a "system that is rife with violence and disorder" as Rikers Island reels from chaos. It’s the worst year since the overseer was appointed in 2015, according to his latest dispatch.

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City Jails Roiled by ‘Disorder and Chaos,’ Feds Say as Correction Boss Quits

Use of force against inmates at Rikers Island and other local lockups hits five-year high, according to the federal monitor appointed to oversee the troubled system as part of a 2015 class-action lawsuit settlement.

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City Hall Ignores Comptroller’s Rejection of NYCHA Monitor Bill

After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.

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NYCHA Monitor’s $12 Million Budget Includes His $600-an-Hour Pay

Deal to oversee housing reform will cost taxpayers at least $60m over five years. Even with a pay cap, the monitor will out-earn de Blasio and Cuomo.

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Cold Truth for NYCHA Tenants: No New State-Funded Boilers for Four Years or More

Federal monitor OKs long-delayed release of $450 million for public housing upgrades — but new equipment remains many winters away from firing up.

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‘Shoddy Work’ by No-Bid Contractors Now a Target for NYCHA’s Federal Monitor

Weeks after a special report by THE CITY on costly unsupervised construction jobs, the Housing Authority is put on notice to clean up its act.

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Federal Housing Official Says Fraud Charges Building Over NYCHA No-Bid Contracts

HUD’s Lynne Patton declared that "fraud charges are forthcoming" in the wake of THE CITY’s reporting on $250 million in spending on "micro purchases."

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Mold Grows on Efforts to Clean Up Public Housing Apartments

The Housing Authority has left tens of thousands of clean-up requests open for months — and even the ones that have been closed may need second look.

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NYCHA Lead ‘Emergency’ as Clean-up Falters and Child Poisonings Rise

A damning federal monitor report describes failures to protect public housing residents from everything from lead to mold to rats "the size of cats."


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