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Fare Evasion

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MTA’s Fare Evasion Math Was Off Track, Review Finds

The Office of MTA Inspector General worked with a data analytics professor at Columbia to test the reliability of the transit agency’s claim that it loses $300 million a year to fare beaters.

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MTA Sticks on Decals to Deter Subway Farebeaters

Signs and purple arrows urge riders to exit through turnstiles in bid to limit unpaid entry through emergency gates in $40 million campaign.

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New Subway Station Emergency Doors Open Gates to Farebeaters

After $1 billion in station overhauls, the easily breached exits will be redesigned as part of a $40 million crackdown on fare evaders.

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Staten Island Bus Riders Cry Foul on Fare-Evasion Crackdown

In a borough where MetroCard machines are few and far between, commuters want transit enforcers to hop off their backs.

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No Fare: 1 in 5 Bus Riders Don’t Pay

Nearly 370,000 passengers sneak on daily – marking a big jump since 2013 and helping drive $225 million in annual fare-evasion losses, MTA stats show.


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