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Family Court

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City, Union Push Back on Informing Parents of Rights in Child-Welfare Probes

The Administration for Children’s Services and its staffers’ union may have successfully scuttled two City Council bills that would require workers to advise parents and other caretakers of their rights at the start of a welfare investigation.

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A Brooklyn Teen Refused to Waive his Miranda Rights. But the NYPD’s Questioning Didn’t Stop There, Video Shows

A statewide coalition of 60 juvenile justice organizations, public defenders, churches, elected officials and youth groups are holding a "digital rally" Thursday to launch the "Right2RemainSilent" campaign.

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Stuck on Mute: Kids in Juvenile Lockups Can’t Be Seen or Heard by Teachers During Remote Learning

The end of in-person schooling is being felt even worse by children in city detention centers due to strict online instruction rules. Advocates say the students risk being left further behind.

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‘Raise the Age’ Observers Find Progress and Pain in Courts Following Juvenile Justice Reforms

Nearly three dozen young New Yorkers have fanned out across the city’s courtrooms to evaluate the transformation that halted the automatic prosecution of 16- and 17-year-olds as adults.

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Court Can’t Order Teen DNA Scrubbed From NYPD Records, Judge Rules

Police defend offering water bottles to children in custody as a stealth method of collecting genetic evidence despite state law requiring consent.

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Parents Seeking Return of Children First Must Forge Connections on Screens

Foster care agencies work to reunite families despite closed courts, a process made harder by parents’ inability to spend in-person time with kin.

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Courts Offer Chance to Delay Eviction and Other Cases Over Illness

New Yorkers will be able to request deferments due to "flu-like symptoms" or possible coronavirus exposure starting Friday, court officials said.

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Staten Island Family Court Struggles With Disability Act Compliance

Judges, lawyers and litigants make do with trailers and courtroom swaps a decade after a promise of accessible new digs.

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Family Courts Become Hubs of Happiness for Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month. We recently visited several court ceremonies around New York as new families formed in time for Thanksgiving.

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Legal System Off to Slow Start on ‘Raise The Age’ Night-Court Fix

An amended law intended to quickly move kids out of the adult criminal system and ease the burden of extra court dates is having growing pains.


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