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Hochul Ready to Rev Up Ethics Overhaul to Clean Up After Cuomo, Senate Ally Says

The governor could strengthen the weak watchdog commission — or even replace it, as proposed by Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger, who says stay tuned for a Hochul announcement. The Cuomo probe, meanwhile, offers a blueprint for reform.

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De Blasio Violated Fundraising Ethics Rules Even After Warning — Yet Mayor Faced No Penalty

Letters released after a protracted battle to shield them from public view show ethics board cited the mayor in 2014 and again in 2018 for asking real estate industry players with pending city business to give to his Campaign for One New York nonprofit.

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Staten Island Borough President Favorite Fossella Flubs Candidate Ethics Test

Ex-Rep. Vito Fossella has been barred from collecting up to $325,000 in public matching dollars after failing to disclose his company’s business dealings with city and state. The Trump-backed candidate’s comeback campaign is running in the red.

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Retired de Blasio Labor Commissioner Wins $500-an-Hour Deal for Himself

Bob Linn gets big money to do part of his former job as the city’s top negotiator with municipal unions — thanks to a waiver of city ethics rules, THE CITY has learned. He also collects a $64,000-a-year city pension.


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