Essential Workers

Workers who get around on mopeds are pushing for a $5 increase to cover expenses like gas and insurance.
Most of the battery-related fires take place in working-class residential neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.
More than 30,000 luxury building workers and doormen authorized a strike on Wednesday if they do not reach a deal on a collective bargaining agreement that expires April 20.
Cabbies danced outside of City Hall, chanting “No more suicides,” after the de Blasio administration agreed to restructure the crushing debt that’s devastated many taxi medallion owners. Some went hungry for over two weeks during the protest.
For over a month, cab drivers have occupied a sidewalk outside City Hall, chanting, “Mayor lies, drivers die.” Now they’ve taken their campaign to a new level, by launching a hunger strike. Here are some of their stories.
Even as the city shut down amid record rainfall, e-bike couriers kept picking up food for paltry pay — including $5 for an hour-long journey from Astoria to Brooklyn. Los Deliveristas Unidos members renewed their demands for better treatment.
On Sept. 5, several federally funded programs that had expanded unemployment benefits during the pandemic will expire. Are you affected? Here’s some information you’ll need to know.
In her first day in office, the state’s 57th governor moves to rebuild trust damaged by secrecy and sexual harassment under Andrew Cuomo. On her agenda: cleaning up Albany, speeding up rent and worker aid — and vaccine mandates.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers in Albany created the historic $2.1 billion fund to assist undocumented and nontraditional workers. Here’s what you need to do to apply.
Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky sent letters Monday to Attorney General Letitia James and State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli requesting a thorough review of BioReference Laboratories’ contracts and employment practices following THE CITY’s report.
Six Chinese phlebotomists employed by BioReference Laboratories are alleging years of unequal pay and work conditions. They’ve filed complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission while preparing a lawsuit.
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The Canyon of Heroes march from the Battery to City Hall honored health care workers, transit workers, food deliverers and other essential workers who kept the city going during the pandemic. It marked New York’s first ticker-tape salute since 2019.
With just over two weeks until City Hall’s “Canyon of Heroes” salute to essential workers, many essential workers say they’re still unclear on their place in the parade.
Lawmakers, labor unions and tech companies are nearing a deal on a bill to allow workers for Uber, DoorDash and other app-based outfits to unionize. But they still wouldn’t be considered employees.
Can you use sick leave to get your shots? Do you have to pay to get vaccinated? Do non-citizens need to show proof of immigration status? Good questions. We’ve got some answers.
Thousands of working-age Americans have died from the virus, underscoring the often-crushing financial fallout of losing a loved one to the pandemic. Some are seeking a compensation fund modeled on aid for 9/11 victims’ kin.
Some 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers are now eligible for help under the historic Excluded Workers Fund established in the state budget. But there are still some more hurdles to get the cash. Here’s a breakdown.
Family and friends will complete Garrett Goble’s final Brooklyn-to-The Bronx subway run on March 27, a year to the day he died in an train fire in Manhattan. “He didn’t die in vain,” one coworker said.
A Sanitation garage in Brooklyn and Flushing Meadows Corona Park locker room are among recent virus breakout sites. Union officials are calling for shots for thousands more municipal employees: “We can’t work from home.”
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