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MTA’s Pandemic Federal Wish List Seeks $8B for Subway Elevators, Escalators and More

An outline of upgrades tacked onto a public hearing notice includes $770 million for station accessibility boosts. Meanwhile, officials hope that Pete Buttigieg will push along congestion pricing to help foot the bill.

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City Brings Criminal Court Case Over Busted Subway Escalator

MTA steps up pressure to get stairs at Lexington Avenue-53rd Street, under the Lipstick Building, rolling again after more than a year out of service.

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Subways’ Worst Escalator Not Even Close to Fix

It’s been a year since the Lexington Ave-53rd St. escalator shut. The privately owned moving stairway won’t be back until September.

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Transit Officials Running Late on Accessible Subway Stations

The list of the next 50 stops due to get elevators is overdue. About 75% of stations don’t fully serve riders with disabilities.

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Second Avenue Subway Escalators Fail to Rise: Report

In the newest stations in the system, only three of 32 escalators met reliability goals, an MTA inspector general report obtained by THE CITY found.

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Pol Blasts Company Responsible for Fixes on Subway’s Worst Escalator

Councilmember Keith Powers wants the private company charged with maintaining the escalator at the Lexington-53rd Street station to step up.

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Steep Descent For Subways’ Worst Escalator and Elevator

Private property owners leave riders in the lurch with out-of-commission equipment, MTA stats show – check out the lifts most likely to let you down.


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