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Eric Adams

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Eric Adams Says Accountant’s ‘Incorrect Decision’ Spawned Faulty Tax Filings

Mayoral nominee admits he failed to tell the IRS he lived in the Bed-Stuy townhouse he claims as a residence — a move that may have enabled him to take bigger deductions. His campaign says he’ll refile his returns, again.

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Eric Adams’ Townhouse Trouble: Tax Filing ‘Mistake’ and Blown-Off Buildings Inspector

Campaign says mayoral nominee will amend tax returns for a second time after THE CITY pointed out irregularities concerning filings on his Bed-Stuy residence. Adams also overlooked an illegal-apartment-conversion complaint taped to his door, city records show.

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How New York Went From Cuomo to Hochul

On Aug. 3, State Attorney General Letitia James released a report detailing multiple sexually harassment allegations Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Three weeks later, Kathy Hochul became the first woman to lead the state. Here’s what you need to know.

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Adams Jabs at Cuomo as de Blasio Swings Hard with Governor Staggered by Harassment Report

The mayor, long a punching bag for political brawler Cuomo, has nothing to lose by turning up the rhetoric. But Adams could face a tricky balancing act if arrives at City Hall to find the governor somehow still in office.

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Eric Adams Saw Fundraising Slump for His Borough Hall Nonprofit

Charlamagne Tha God was among nine donors to contribute to the One Brooklyn Fund in 2020, just months before the Brooklyn borough president’s primary win in the Democratic mayoral race.

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Adams’ Top Aide Doubled Her Salary While Moonlighting on His Campaign

Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Ingrid Lewis-Martin, the $172,000 gatekeeper for the Democratic mayoral candidate, kept her day job as she made tens of thousands aiding his effort to become the city’s next chief executive.

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Did Ranked Choice Voting Work in NYC? It Depends Whom You Ask...

Preliminary findings suggest most New Yorkers took to the new system, though Eric Adams and other critics charged that poor education efforts essentially disenfranchised some voters. The full story could rest in the raw data for all ballots cast.

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How Garcia, Wiley and Morales Gave Their Male Mayoral Rivals a Run for Their Money

Eric Adams and his fellow male candidates out-fundraised the women by a six-to-one margin, and did even better with super PAC support. But Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley relied on the public campaign system to come closest to making history.

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Showing Up: Map of Mayoral Candidates’ Campaign Stops Highlights Value of Being There

Follow the leading four Democratic mayoral candidates as they vied for votes across the city — and see how their stumping paid off.

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Can Eric Adams and Andrew Cuomo Get Along for the Sake of New York?

The Democratic mayoral candidate and scandal-scarred governor put on a united front Wednesday and pledged to work together to quell gun violence. But after eight years of the Cuomo-de Blasio war, is an Albany-City Hall ceasefire on tap?


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Despite Adams Boost, Progressive Wave Signals the Bronx Machine Isn’t Dead — It’s Rebranding

After the AOC revolution rocked the party, Bronx Democratic leaders picked winners across the spectrum, from the moderate mayoral candidate to left-leaning Council hopefuls. "It’s a new day in The Bronx," declared party leader Jamaal Bailey.

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Garcia and Wiley Concede Democratic Mayoral Contest, Locking Adams’ Path to City Hall

Kathryn Garcia, who came within 8,400 votes of making history, stepped aside along with third-place finisher Maya Wiley. Meanwhile, Eric Adams took a victory lap, trumpeting his win as "an everyday blue-collar worker."

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Eric Adams Faces a Schooling on Major New York City Education Issues

Will the presumed next mayor be friendly to charter schools? How will he get along with educator unions that didn’t endorse him? How will he tackle integration? Here’s a look at how it could all shake out.

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Your Guide to the Latest NYC Primary Results — From Mayor to City Council

Overwhelmed by all the information coming out about initial tallies of in-person, ranked choice first-place votes? Here’s the latest, at a glance.

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Adams Declares Victory Over Garcia in Mayoral Primary That Went Down to the Wire

The Brooklyn borough president emerged one percentage point ahead of the former Sanitation Department commissioner, leading The Associated Press to call the race for him. But Garcia didn’t immediately concede in her bid to become the first woman to lead New York City.

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Garcia Closes in on Adams After Preliminary Mayoral Count Re-Do — But Race is Far from Over

A day after the Board of Elections bungled its initial ranked choice voting tabulations, new numbers showed Eric Adams leading Kathryn Garcia by about 15,000 votes. But 125,000 uncounted absentee ballots could make the difference — and even keep Maya Wiley in the game.

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BOE Promises Do-Over After Pulling Preliminary Mayoral Results Over Vote ‘Discrepancy’

The Board of Elections withdrew the first ranked choice voting tabulation of the crucial primary contest after more than 140,000 extra ballots invaded the count. The now discredited results showed Kathryn Garcia getting closer to Eric Adams with 124,000 absentee votes yet to be tallied.

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Andrew Yang Launches Absentee Ballot Lawsuit, Heralding More Legal Action 

The ex-mayoral hopeful filed a pre-emptive suit before conceding Tuesday. The move signaled a potential onslaught of challenges in a primary featuring a record number of candidates and ranked choice voting’s debut.

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Adams Ahead in Mayoral Race, But Wiley and Garcia Count on Ranked Choice Tally

The Democratic primary ended in a rush of activity, with Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia joining Eric Adams at the initial head of the pack. Now New Yorkers are in for a big wait with absentee ballots needed to begin the full ranked choice voting count.

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NYC Mayoral Primary Arrives Tuesday — Here’s What You Need to Know

Voters are set to hit the polls and use the new ranked choice voting system to pick who’s going to lead the post-pandemic city. But it could be weeks before New Yorkers know who won the mayoral race and contests from comptroller to City Council.