Eric Adams

Mayor stands by Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey following THE CITY’s video investigation of the 2021 incident — while an attorney for three boys who alleged an ex-officer menaced them demands further investigation.
Fund to finance fixes at city Housing Authority falls behind schedule set by now-departed boss Greg Russ. Now what?
A newly unveiled memo details unusual and obscure arrangement for more than $100 million in spending on hotels and health care.
Mayor says he was forced to sell COVID medical supplies for small change: ‘We need to reexamine that rule.’
The mayor and the union representing more than 100,000 public sector workers also agreed to a pilot program on remote work. The deal stands to set the pattern at City Hall for more union contracts to come.
DYCD commissioner says youth in need can ‘rest’ but not ‘sleep’ — while the mayor blames the migrant crisis for not adding more youth shelter beds.
The fast-food chain will debut a temporary rest area for delivery workers — the same week a Manhattan community board rejected a similar plan from city government.
New York has the only electric solution on the East Coast for idling cruise ships burning toxic diesel fuel, but despite Eric Adams’ commitments, shore power won’t be ready in time.
A reversal comes as judges order some fired employees reinstated — but first, most of them have to reapply for their jobs.
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The task force revisited only two of the first 53 locations it raided. Both were selling pot again.
The mayor’s most recent management report showed the number of streets rated ‘filthy’ is up — but the sanitation department argues it’s due to the methodology used.
As Brooklyn Borough President, the mayor delivered $2.2 million in public dollars. But as Adams moves migrants in, his Economic Development Corporation just canceled pledged private investment.
The MTA and programs for renewable energy and mental health receive boosts — but progressives’ minimum wage hike and corporate tax hike demands got no traction.
The governor, with Mayor Eric Adams’ support, wants to help build hundreds of thousands more homes. Getting her controversial plans through the polarized state legislature will be a big test of her power.
In place of a signature proposal, Adams offered numerous smaller plans and promises that he says ‘get stuff done’ on behalf of regular New Yorkers.
A decade ago, New York City set out to lead the nation in efforts to support incarcerated trans people. Now detainees tell THE CITY that they are stranded in all-male housing units, subject to physical violence and sexual assaults.
Industry groups and advocates put the heat on Adams and Hochul to tap higher-than-expected tax revenue for housing, homeless shelters, job training and more.