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Jobs Grow — Along With the Pandemic Gap Between Rich and Poor New Yorkers

The city gained 83,500 jobs in October, the biggest increase in months, as COVID infection rates dropped. But new reports show New York remains one of the most unequal cities in the nation, with the one percent accounting for a rising share of income.

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MTA Gets Rolling With Hiring Spree But Impact on Commute May Be Slow Going

Transit officials are starting to chip away at a worker shortage that has for months caused tens of thousands of bus and subway trips to be canceled or delayed, frustrating passengers. Meanwhile, overtime is rising for bus and subway workers.

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Some NYC Workers Battling ‘Long COVID’ Find Chances for Accommodations Remote

A municipal employee whose doctor said she needs to work from home was forced to go to a city office — just so she could have online meetings with colleagues elsewhere. De Blasio’s back-to-the-office order is straining some long haulers dealing with ongoing debilitating symptoms.

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New York City’s Jobs Picture Grows Cloudier as Fall Approaches

Private sector jobs dropped this summer and the city’s unemployment rate was twice the U.S. average. But bright spots include public sector job growth — and signs that New York women in unions largely kept their jobs, bucking the national "shecession."

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Hochul Faces $5 Billion Choice as Tax Boost Arrives Amid Cuomo Unemployment Debt

As the new governor begins to put her own imprint on the state’s finances, she’ll have to make a series of decisions that show whether she is prepared to make a sharp break with the policies — and appointees — of the previous administration.

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More Than 1.6 Million New Yorkers Will Lose Unemployment Benefits by Labor Day

On Sept. 5, several federally funded programs that had expanded unemployment benefits during the pandemic will expire. Are you affected? Here’s some information you’ll need to know.

New Governor Kathy Hochul to New Yorkers: You Can Trust Me

In her first day in office, the state’s 57th governor moves to rebuild trust damaged by secrecy and sexual harassment under Andrew Cuomo. On her agenda: cleaning up Albany, speeding up rent and worker aid — and vaccine mandates.

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NYC Loses Jobs as Pandemic Recession Takes Growing Toll on Workers of Color

The city shed 14,000 positions last month while the rest of the country saw its strongest employment growth in a year. Meanwhile, the increasing challenges facing Black and Latino New Yorkers underscore structural inequities, a new study found.

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NYC Restaurants Cooking Up a Comeback, but Simmering Problems Remain

The city economic sector most devastated by the pandemic recession is finally showing signs of a sustained recovery as jobs start to rebound. But optimism is tempered by worker shortages, inadequate PPP relief and mixed forecasts ahead.

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Slow Rebound of Construction Jobs Threatens NYC Post-Pandemic Rebuild

The latest employment numbers are 25,000 below the city’s pre-coronavirus peak. With uncertainty over everything from the next mayor to Gov. Cuomo’s political fate, the industry is betting nearly all on President Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure push.


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Under the Bus: Hero Drivers Fight MTA Over Pay After Being Attacked While Protecting New Yorkers

At least two drivers have been denied injured-on-the-job claims because one was on a coffee break when he saved an elderly couple from a mugger and the other had just stepped off a bus before a maskless passenger hit him.

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Jobs Making a Careful Comeback as NYC Reopens

The city gained 35,000 positions last month with restaurants and the arts showing signs of resurgence. Hopes raised by the easing of most restrictions this week are tempered by an 11% unemployment rate.

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Gig Workers Inch Toward Right to Unionize in New York — But There’s a Catch

Lawmakers, labor unions and tech companies are nearing a deal on a bill to allow workers for Uber, DoorDash and other app-based outfits to unionize. But they still wouldn’t be considered employees.

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Why Are Some NYC Restaurants Struggling to Find Workers? It’s Complicated…

Some owners believe that pandemic unemployment benefits are keeping people out of the workforce. But economists and worker advocates say multiple factors — including child care, low wages and COVID-changed perspectives — are at play.

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Did You Stop Receiving Your Unemployment Benefits? Here’s What the Issue Might be

Some New Yorkers who lost work at the start of the pandemic have passed the one-year mark. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your benefits are over. Here’s what you need to do.

New York City Jobs Jump Trails Nation as Wary Tourists Wait in the Wings

The city added 16,000 jobs last month, the most since August. But much of New York’s employment comeback hinges on when the vaccine rollout convinces office workers and visitors to return.

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How New Yorkers Cut Out of Unemployment and Stimulus Checks Can Tap $2.1B Fund

Some 300,000 undocumented New Yorkers are now eligible for help under the historic Excluded Workers Fund established in the state budget. But there are still some more hurdles to get the cash. Here’s a breakdown.

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How the Pandemic Is Speeding Up Job Automation for Struggling New Yorkers

Drivers, food preparation workers and more are at risk of seeing their positions go away — and Hispanic New Yorkers could get hit hardest, a new study found. The crisis is spurring calls for ambitious job-training efforts.

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Hunger Strikers Demand $3.5B Relief Fund for Undocumented New Yorkers in State Budget. Will Cuomo Come Through?

Governor and legislative leaders agree that workers excluded from state and federal COVID economic aid programs should get financial assistance, but Cuomo demand for paper trails has some bill backers alarmed.

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Early Signs of a NYC Retail Return With Deal-Seekers Ready to Gamble

Restaurant owners thriving on delivery are looking to expand as others barely hang on. Pet, health and home décor operations are also among those bucking the pandemic economy as door on optimism cracks open.