An alluring open seat, created by court-ordered redistricting, draws the Manhattan state senator, the first of many liberals expected to take the bait.
Following an article that found the Board of Elections failed to enforce a 2019 transparency law, the board sent donors a letter requesting that they comply with the law’s requirements. Thousands did within weeks.
A number of barriers contribute to the shortage of Latinos in the state legislature, including low voter turnout, difficulty fundraising, scandals and factions splintering the vote.
An unusually high number of contested races for an unpaid post reflects an organized effort aiming to remove county Democratic chair Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn and her allies from power.
Kathy Hochul is hoping to win a full term, but other Democrats are lining up for a primary challenge. And Republicans have been campaigning and raising cash for months before she took over from Andrew Cuomo.
After Benjamin’s arrest by the feds and resignation, here’s what you need to know about the 2022 race for the state’s second-highest office.
Reform Assemblymember Robert Carroll calls decision to keep judicial delegates on ballot despite dubious petition signatures “politically influenced” — while party leader Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn says he’s “xenophobic” for trying to block Pakistani representation.
The 4-3 redistricting decision mandates new boundaries be drawn with help of a “special master” and implies a new primary election should be scheduled in August.
From a prized real estate industry tax break to looser rules that would ease her indicted ex-lieutenant off the ballot, legislators express little urgency to aid the governor as she seeks accomplishments before the election.
They’re volunteer positions with a history in patronage politics. Today, district leaders influence who can be judges, poll workers and members of each borough’s county committee.
District Leader Anthony Jones says the forged forms were part of a flood of ballot objections ordered by party higher ups.
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From tweaked tax returns to ethics advice given to top officials, the current mayor is breaking from predecessors’ practice of releasing records — and from his own promises to be open with New Yorkers.
“This is not my signature” said a young voter whose name and supposed sign-off are on papers filed to throw a political newcomer off the ballot. His neighbor says the same thing.
Two men tell THE CITY they did not sign petition objections submitted to the Board of Elections in their names and linked to a top Kings County Democrats lawyer. “You think we’re a bunch of idiots,” says one targeted office-holder in Brownsville.
The lieutenant governor’s resignation following campaign finance indictment leaves Hochul running on a shared ticket, with messy options for distancing herself.
Edu Hermelyn quit his job with the city public assistance agency within weeks, after THE CITY asked about his political post alongside spouse Rodneyse Bichotte. He’s now running for election.
The move comes after New York Focus reported on widespread violations of campaign finance law and the Board’s lack of enforcement.
Edu Hermelyn, husband of Brooklyn Democratic Party chair Rodneyse Bichotte and a party leader himself, quits his paid position after THE CITY asked about rules forbidding dual government and political roles. Another top mayoral aide is taking leave to run against a Bichotte foe.
Circumventing a law designed to close a so-called LLC loophole, donors to candidates across the state are using multiple companies to give far over the $5,000 cap.
More than $40,000 came from employees of New Jersey companies funded by Frank Carone, Adams’ chief of staff, that are now fighting a lawsuit alleging insurance fraud.
One seat possibly in play is the newly drawn State Senate district currently occupied by Democrat Diane Savino.