Students in 133 schools that serve about 63,000 students were given secondary screeners during the last school year that identify students who are at risk of dyslexia or other reading challenges. The effort, while relatively small, is set to be expanded.
Five things to watch out for as classes begin for the city’s more than 900,000 public school students.
PS 398, named after the late labor leader Hector Figueroa, is roiled by a battle between its staff and principal.
Letters obtained by THE CITY via lawsuit show the Department of Education concluded as early as 2018 that some religious schools stinted on secular education but didn’t intervene. Those four schools still fail to meet the bar, the city recently determined.
Union president Michael Mulgrew is pressing occupational and physical therapists to vote again on a deal they rejected — while some members demand new negotiations with City Hall instead.
The Department of Education must take 40 specific actions to resolve decades-old delays in providing or paying for special education services to students.
Detailed reports show significant deficiencies at four schools, including no English instruction at all. The Department of Education is fighting to keep similar findings sought in a lawsuit by THE CITY under wraps.
Advocates for testing-based school admissions secured a say in district-level school governance.
City schools’ 120,000 educators and other staff will see raises reaching more than 20% during the five-year contract.
Teachers and parents raised concerns about the DESSA, a social-emotional learning tool that schools began using last year.
New York City’s free, popular summer program runs for children in grades K-8 across the five boroughs from July to August.
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Families say publicly funded, privately run charter schools in New York are allowed to punish and discriminate against students by calling in emergency services.
Some 500 asylum-seekers slept in a school gym on Staten Island over the weekend. By Monday city officials had identified six more gyms, all in Brooklyn, to cope with an evolving emergency.
The mayor said that the public system that’s failing to educate Black and brown kids should be “duplicating” what the Jewish religious schools are achieving. But his administration is battling to keep evaluations of 26 such schools under wraps.
While NYC’s public libraries avoided deep budget cuts last week, most libraries in public schools lack a leader — and that hurts students, educators say.
Despite a pledge to stop relying on police to deal with students who have mental health episodes, New York City schools have continued to call 911 on kids in distress thousands of times a year, an investigation by THE CITY and ProPublica found.
Schools are straining to keep up with counseling demand as mental health woes mount for young people. If your child needs help at school, here’s how to start.
We tracked dozens of data points on mental health support in NYC schools. Do they call 911 on students in crisis? Are there enough social workers and guidance counselors? Enter your school name below to find out.
Publishing data about 1,575 of NYC schools meant combining data from two city agencies. Here’s how we did it.
Opponents — and even some of their endorsed candidates — say one well-organized group of parents is turning Community Education Councils into forums for right-wing animosity over issues like critical race theory and the treatment of LGBTQ+ youth.
Dissatisfied after seven months of negotiations, hundreds of teaching assistants are ditching classes through Wednesday.