The short-term rental platform warns it will pull listings, alleging that just nine accounts have gotten a green light from the local government enforcement agency.
Salmar Properties spent $28,000 on a top influence firm, on top of campaign donations to Eric Adams from family members that exceeded legal limits.
A massive industrial building — until recently home to a Bed Bath & Beyond — is slated to get an influx of government employees relocating from Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.
Cash assistance and other public benefits are helping more New Yorkers weather an economic climate that’s still tough.
Remote work, a possible recession and higher interest rates spell big trouble for office buildings and tax revenue. One bright spot emerges.
You need a license to lead paid tours in New York City. Get ready to take a 150-question exam before you take a group of tourists out on the town.
Tracking our pandemic recovery
York Studios, which opened its Michaelangelo Campus for film and TV shoots in 2019, wants to add a second studio with a 60-foot ceiling.
First-time jobless claims rise, even as employers are financing a special tax to pay down unemployment insurance fund debts piled up in the pandemic.
A quartet of investors say they’re only helping the dispossessed get what’s due. But their actions have exploited family divisions — and relatives on both sides of the deals say they’ve been ripped off.
Despite headlines of layoffs and plummeting profits, $33.7 billion given out in 2022 bonuses reflects a modest decline and growing workforce.
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The Street Vendor Project hopes rechargeable electric power supplies can improve air quality and reduce fossil fuel use.
Mayor Eric Adams pulls out of a de Blasio-era overhaul that sought to give immigrant street sellers a fighting chance to make a legit living without police involvement.
The latest data show job gains, even as the banking crisis and cost-saving technologies could pose threats to overall employment.
Signature was a big lender to apartment owners, especially of rent-regulated buildings, and that could put a bigger squeeze on owners.
Updated state figures show almost 4.7 million jobs, surpassing projections.
Local soundstages have taken a hit in an industry subsidy arms race that has NYC losing productions across the Hudson River and beyond.
Landlords need Albany action to turn Manhattan commercial buildings into apartments — and that’s just the start of their challenges.
Meanwhile, office occupancy is mired at below 50%, which one research group estimates translates to a $12 billion annual loss in economic activity.
Mayor Eric Adams wants to create a 50,000-square-foot center to cultivate the growing life sciences and biotech industry at the historic shipyard.
A casino in Flushing could cash in on an Asian market with a proven appetite for gaming, but neighborhood feedback so far is mixed and the obstacles to landing a license are significant.