The latest data show job gains, even as the banking crisis and cost-saving technologies could pose threats to overall employment.
Tracking our pandemic recovery
Signature was a big lender to apartment owners, especially of rent-regulated buildings, and that could put a bigger squeeze on owners.
Updated state figures show almost 4.7 million jobs, surpassing projections.
Local soundstages have taken a hit in an industry subsidy arms race that has NYC losing productions across the Hudson River and beyond.
Landlords need Albany action to turn Manhattan commercial buildings into apartments — and that’s just the start of their challenges.
Meanwhile, office occupancy is mired at below 50%, which one research group estimates translates to a $12 billion annual loss in economic activity.
Mayor Eric Adams wants to create a 50,000-square-foot center to cultivate the growing life sciences and biotech industry at the historic shipyard.
A casino in Flushing could cash in on an Asian market with a proven appetite for gaming, but neighborhood feedback so far is mixed and the obstacles to landing a license are significant.
The latest economic numbers show a city still struggling its way toward pandemic recovery, with employment in construction, retail, and leisure and hospitality all lagging their pre-pandemic levels.
Industry leaders and proprietors appreciated eased regulations and renewed attention. That didn’t bring employment or office occupancy back from pandemic slumps.
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The mayor spoke to THE CITY about his freshman season, while experts weigh in on his performance on some of the biggest issues in New York City.
Packed hotels and budding new businesses can’t hide looming weaknesses like a sagging tech sector and Wall Street’s woes.
The blueprint to slash carbon emissions and usher New York into a less fossil fuel dependent future gives Albany policymakers strategies for hitting targets decades away.
December’s economic update shows the city continues to lag national job growth, hitting more headwinds.
More steady government support for nonprofit Community Development Financial Institutions serving areas without banks could help small businesses thrive, says a new report.
The newspaper’s IT specialists, security guards and sales coordinators — some of whom earn as little as $52,000 a year — strike alongside reporters for better wages.
Independent Budget Office finds 10% fewer tax filers earned above $750K in the pandemic’s first year.
Just 47% of workers are in business districts on any given weekday — dashing any hopes for a fall return to the workplace.
Last year 369,000 people worked in tech jobs after a decade of fast growth. But following the meltdown of the Amazon Queens deal, nearly all those jobs are in Manhattan or Brooklyn.
New York City’s share of U.S. securities industry jobs is now less than one in five, says state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, down from one in three in the 2000s.