East New York

Coverage of East New York, Brooklyn.

While officials work toward sewer and drain upgrades and ‘green infrastructure’ to absorb water, people in at-risk neighborhoods know they are vulnerable.
As rent-stabilized tenants fear being displaced, the developer has offered only vague promises — and what residents see as ominous plans.
Charles Barron is running again for the seat he or his wife, Inez, have held since 2001. Nikki Lucas says she can beat him — with help from a former Barron booster.
Mayor’s budget would ax funding for a Brooklyn trial run for converting spare space into apartments, just when homeowners could use the income most.
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Speculators’ rampant solicitations spur push for so-called cease-and-desist protection for the Brooklyn neighborhood. A hearing is set for this week.
City Hall’s plan would offer $150 million in low-interest loans to boost affordable housing and ease homeowner burdens by legalizing the dwellings.
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