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New Dyslexia Risk Screening at Two Brooklyn Schools — For $2,000

Teachers assessing all first- and second-graders to identify learning challenges gets trial run, after bill to impose statewide testing stalled.

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These Moms Couldn’t Find Schools for Dyslexia, So They Want to Start Their Own

Four mothers who have faced reading challenges with their kids are vying to open a public elementary school of their own in Manhattan.

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A Tale of Two Special Education Evaluation Systems

Critics say the city’s inability to fully assess kids’ needs leads parents with means to seek private help while many others have nowhere to turn.

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A Call to End Special Education Hearing Delays Amid ‘Harm’ to Students

Education advocates demand "immediate action" on overhauling a complaint system that flouts legal deadlines, making students wait for needed services.

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A Reading ‘Crisis’: Why Some Parents Created a School for Dyslexic Kids

Pioneering Staten Island school, experts say, underscores systemic failures that drive families to seek help elsewhere — often at taxpayer expense.


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