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Legal Weed Shops May Not Hit in 2022, New York. Here’s What We Know

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Where are the Safe Injection Facilities Cuomo Promised for New York?

He committed three years ago to supporting safe injection sites for drug users — then reversed course, activists say. Now, they see a new chance to pressure the embattled governor.

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Overdose Deaths During Pandemic Remain Untallied, While Efforts to Aid Drug Users Suffer Life-Threatening Supply Shortages

Delayed needles and Narcan leave those seeking to prevent overdoses and illness with limited options. Meanwhile, grave concerns grow that an already elevated fatality toll is worsening.

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Detox Units Closing at All 11 NYC-Run Hospitals

Patients going through difficult process of weaning off drugs and alcohol will be steered back to overworked emergency rooms, THE CITY has learned.

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Safe Injection Ruling Boosts Hope State Will OK Drug Centers

A Philadelphia federal judge finds law permits supervised drug use facilities aimed at preventing overdoses, removing a Cuomo administration concern.

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Taxi Driver Drug Test Failures Soar Amid Growing Stress

A spike in cab license revocations for marijuana, cocaine and other substances coincides with crushing financial pressures.

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Staten Island Park’s Overhaul Is Purely Cosmetic, Residents Contend

Last July, Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to "return Tompkinsville Park to the people." But locals say trouble still lurks after a renovation.

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MTA Suit Contends Benefits Manager Missed Rx Fraud by Worker and Retirees

Express Scripts Inc. is accused of squandering tens of millions of dollars by failing to police "fraudulent, abusive or excessive" claims.


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