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Division of Housing and Community Renewal

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More Rent Relief and a New Eviction Moratorium on the Way for New York Tenants

THE CITY’s Open Newsroom team breaks down some of the latest info about renting in NYC. Sign up for our tenants’ newsletter for the latest updates.

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Tenants Hire Contractors to Help Back Rent Overcharge Claims

New rent law could mean bigger payouts for those who seek a second opinion on landlords’ claims about the cost of apartment renovations.

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Bangladeshi New Yorkers Form Their First Tenant Union

Seeking strength in numbers, Queens tenants who trace their heritage to the south Asian nation band to challenge exploitative landlords.

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New Rent Law Deluges Backlogged Tenant Overcharge Claims

Tenants already wait two years just to get a case assigned for investigation at the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

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What’s at Stake in New York’s Rent Wars

How landlords raise rents on regulated apartments beyond annual Rent Guidelines Board hikes — but not if tenant advocates get their way in Albany.


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