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Local leaders vow tough consequences for violence against Asians, Jews and other discriminated-against groups. But just 15% result in a hate crime conviction — and just 1% in The Bronx.
All the funds Cy Vance reaped from asset forfeiture settlements with financial institutions are gone or earmarked for reform projects. Incoming DA Alvin Bragg says he’ll see existing efforts through — and seek public input on any new spending.
The race for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s seat is crowded and fierce. Here’s the rundown on the candidates and more ahead of the June 22 primary.
What does a DA do? Can you get a mail-in ballot? What is going on? The Civic Newsroom is here to help you navigate New York’s 2021 election.
After viewing police bodycam footage of the April 2019 shooting, Kawaski Trawick’s mother called the death of her 32-year-old son “murder.”
Prosecutors also said they’re looking into “potential police misconduct” in the videotaped incident — even as they’re still charging the man with “resisting arrest.”
Legal Aid Society calls for dropping charges and firing the officers in the No. 6 train incident. “I felt like my heart was going to fall out,” the ejected passenger says.
The 63-year-old man, held on an attempted murder rap, had diabetes and other health issues. Prosecutors said Walter Ance was too dangerous to let go.
The Manhattan DA’s Office is sitting on a mountain of cash from big court settlements. Should that money be controlled by prosecutors or the people?
Firms that agreed to pay into the Manhattan DA’s forfeiture fund to settle bribery cases may be getting money back, THE CITY has learned.
Defendant convicted in bribery case demands Diana Florence, a former top deputy to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, testify at hearing.
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Several bribery cases prosecuted by Cy Vance Jr.’s office are unraveling in the face of allegations a top deputy withheld key evidence.
More of Diana Florence’s cases are being eyed after accusations she withheld damaging information about star witness in construction bribery raps.
Diana Florence, who quit amid allegations she sat on a tape that impugned her star witness, knew of the recording in 2016, a defense attorney charged.
Diana Florence tells court a mistake was made — but denied purposely sitting on tape that damaged star witness’ credibility in bribery cases.
Construction fraud-buster Diana Florence leaves post after allegations she withheld damaging recording of star witness in bribery cases.
Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez presses rare manslaughter prosecutions in the 2018 fatal crushing of excavation worker Luis Sánchez Almonte in Sunset Park.
After Board of Elections wrangling on Tuesday still left Borough President Melinda Katz with dozens more votes, Cabán admits defeat in close race.
Some DAs urge caution in pressing criminal charges like those against Juan Rodriguez in the death of his young twins in the Bronx.
Melinda Katz takes a 60-vote lead in Democratic primary for Queens district attorney, but insurgent Tiffany Cabán’s poised for a legal battle.
Several potential candidates are mulling going up against the Manhattan district attorney, who told THE CITY it’s “too early” to say if he’ll run.