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Diana Florence

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Vance Ally Lucy Lang Joins Manhattan DA Race, Signaling Cy Won’t Run Again

The Manhattan District Attorney says he has still not decided whether to seek re-election in 2021. But observers say Lang, who worked for Vance, would join the crowded race only if he opted out.

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Embattled Former Vance Deputy Joins Crowded Manhattan DA Race to Unseat Ex-Boss

Diana Florence, who left the District Attorney’s office in January following allegations she withheld evidence, becomes the seventh candidate to join the contest.

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Manhattan DA Vance Drops Tainted Case Over COVID Concerns

The prosecutor won’t seek a do-over in a high-profile bribery probe — marking the first major case knocked out by the coronavirus crisis.

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Embattled Prosecutor Charges She Faced ‘Bullying’ in DA Vance’s Office

Diana Florence, accused of withholding evidence, contends in resignation letter that Manhattan prosecutor’s office was a "hostile work environment."

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Vance Prosecutor Misconduct Accusations Could Cost Millions

Firms that agreed to pay into the Manhattan DA’s forfeiture fund to settle bribery cases may be getting money back, THE CITY has learned.

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Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Tape Could Face Grilling Under Oath

Defendant convicted in bribery case demands Diana Florence, a former top deputy to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, testify at hearing.

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Defendants Freed, Jury Dismissed as Manhattan DA Evidence Woes Deepen

Several bribery cases prosecuted by Cy Vance Jr.’s office are unraveling in the face of allegations a top deputy withheld key evidence.

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Case Tossed Amid ‘Staggering’ Hidden Evidence Allegations Against Vance Deputy

More of Diana Florence’s cases are being eyed after accusations she withheld damaging information about star witness in construction bribery raps.

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Top Vance Prosecutor Accused of Misleading Judge Over Withheld Evidence

Diana Florence, who quit amid allegations she sat on a tape that impugned her star witness, knew of the recording in 2016, a defense attorney charged.

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Vance Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Evidence Offers Defense

Diana Florence tells court a mistake was made — but denied purposely sitting on tape that damaged star witness’ credibility in bribery cases.


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A Top Prosecutor in Manhattan DA Vance’s Office Accused of Hiding Evidence

Construction fraud-buster Diana Florence leaves post after allegations she withheld damaging recording of star witness in bribery cases.