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Department of Social Services

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Homeless Youth Get on Fast Track to Housing With New Council Bills

Young people sleeping in New York’s youth homeless shelters and those leaving foster care will soon have direct access to housing vouchers, thanks to a pair of bills the City Council passed Tuesday.

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Steve Banks Had Big Goals for Shelters, and Hit the Mark on Some. Should He Stay?

The city has now left all its notorious "cluster" shelter sites. Family homelessness is down. Eric Adams has hinted he likes the Department of Social Services commissioner. Is Banks ready for round two?

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City ‘Failing’ to Protect Homeless in Shelters and Hotels During Pandemic, Lawsuit Demanding Solo Rooms Alleges

A case filed by Legal Aid late Thursday seeks to mandate single-occupancy hotel rooms for single adult homeless New Yorkers for the duration of the crisis.

Ahead of Upper West Side Shelter Move, Allies of Homeless Downtown Pull From ‘Open Hearts’ Playbook

While some in Lower Manhattan are fundraising $1M for a lawsuit against the city, "Friends of FiDi" has packed welcome kits for homeless men. The West Siders helping them organize hope the movement spreads.

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City Welfare Agency Pivots to Online Contact, While Applicants Show Up Unaware

Needy New Yorkers keep seeking aid in person while coronavirus rages — including inside city Department of Social Services offices.

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He’s 67, With Renal Disease, an Eviction Case and No Help Finding a Home

For more than a year, Alvin Linton has pleaded for Adult Protective Services to help him avoid joining the growing ranks of 1,400 elderly homeless.

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De Blasio Turns Corner to Put Street Homeless on Fast Track to Homes

Commitment to place 2,000 people in "safe havens" and apartments comes amid resistance to stays in strict and sometimes dangerous shelters.

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Halfway Into Homeless Revamp, Work Lags as Hotel Use Grows

While conversions to permanent housing have helped shrink the number of homeless families, transition to promised 90 new shelters proves slow going.


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