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Department of Housing and Urban Development

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City Hall Ignores Comptroller’s Rejection of NYCHA Monitor Bill

After the comptroller rejected the monitor’s $12M contract, the de Blasio administration rejected his authority to examine millions in invoices.

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Stringer Bounces NYCHA’s $12 Million Federal Monitor Deal

Comptroller rejects contract with Bart Schwartz and his firm — citing cost concerns along with THE CITY’s reporting on past ties and billing issues.

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HUD Secretary Carson Claims Fewer ‘Horrible Things’ in NYC Public Housing

The housing boss argued there’s been "substantial improvement" at NYCHA — even as tab to fix the ailing home to 400k New Yorkers rises to $42 billion.

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City Spends $3M for Public Housing Advice it Already Paid $10M For

A consulting firm’s report calling for an overhaul of NYCHA management echoes a 2012 document produced by another company, THE CITY’s review found.

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Federal Housing Official Says Fraud Charges Building Over NYCHA No-Bid Contracts

HUD’s Lynne Patton declared that "fraud charges are forthcoming" in the wake of THE CITY’s reporting on $250 million in spending on "micro purchases."


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