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Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

City Data Shows Vaccines are Working, Even as Mandate Backlash Hits City Hall

The first, if limited, numbers released by the city indicate very low infection, hospitalization and death rates for those who got their shots. But that didn’t stop hundreds from protesting vaccination requirements for municipal workers.

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Researchers Find Signs of COVID-19 Mutations in NYC Sewage, Pointing to Possible Dog and Rat Infections

Scientists studying coronavirus in local wastewater say that city environmental officials initially had "zero willingness to help explore this potential public health risk." Officials stress that the findings are preliminary.

Outside In: Mayor Orders Senior Centers Open Amid Confusion

The city’s 249 senior centers, for New Yorker’s 60 and older, are set to completely reopen by Flag Day, and outdoor activities can resume immediately, de Blasio announced Tuesday — catching providers off guard.

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Public Advocate Blasts Delays on de Blasio’s Mental Health ‘Diversion Centers’

Jumaane Williams, citing THE CITY’s report that one center is empty and another barely used after millions spent, demands answers on the ThriveNYC projects. "It’s beyond frustrating," he said.

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In Note to Fauci, Top City Doctor Takes Shot at de Blasio’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Program

Dr. Marcelle Layton, NYC’s communicable diseases boss, argued the $880 million test-and-trace effort isn’t effective — and said more funding should be injected into vaccinations, an email obtained by THE CITY shows.

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A Shot in the Dark: Overnight Vaccine Getters Take Burden Off Daytime Lines

Teachers were heavily represented at the first two 24/7 inoculation centers THE CITY checked up on Monday night into Tuesday morning.

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De Blasio Administration Millions Behind on COVID Mask and Glove Stockpile Goals

The mayor Wednesday touted a $900 million plan for a 90-day supply of crucial gear for frontline medical workers. But figures obtained by THE CITY show some key items won’t be in full stock for a month or more as virus cases grow.

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Unmasked: NYC Hospitals Lag on COVID PPE Stockpile Requirement as Virus Surges

Some hospitals still don’t have a state-mandated 90-day supply of protective equipment for frontline medical workers as mayor warns renewed restrictions on public life loom.

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Stringer Sues de Blasio in the Case of the Missing Pandemic Preparation Files

It marked the first lawsuit filed by the comptroller against City Hall. Stringer, a mayoral hopeful, wants documents key to his probe of de Blasio’s COVID crisis response.

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Analysis: Why It’s So Hard to Spot NYC’s Next Coronavirus Hot Zones Using Public Stats

While health officials make life-altering calls on neighborhood shutdowns, official data releases prevent New Yorkers from seeing what’s going on in real time.


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Why Joy Over Day Without a COVID Death Could Be Premature

A report for Saturday showed zero coronavirus fatalities in New York City — but delays in city health department reports mean we don’t yet know the true toll.

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Scores of Summer Day Camps in Limbo as City Scrambles to Okay Reopenings

Backlog follows Gov. Cuomo’s 11th-hour decision to allow camps to operate this year as the COVID crisis abates. Some 228 applications remain pending with summer kicking into gear.

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First Tally of Virus Death Toll By Neighborhood Shows City Split in Suffering

Large working-class housing developments from Starrett City to NYCHA suffer heavy losses — while a swath of Lower Manhattan sees no COVID fatalities.

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Still No Virus Test for Brooklyn Doctor, But Clearance to Work

City tells physician he probably has coronavirus, but is no longer contagious. Meanwhile, a Queens doctor is reported hospitalized with COVID-19.

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Ailing Brooklyn Doctor Desperately Seeking Coronavirus Test

"I could end up being the vector," said the physician, whose case underscores the limits of testing capability as the virus spreads in the city.

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Coronavirus Updates Slow to Reach NYC’s Non-Native English Speakers

Notify NYC text alert service, which sends health and aid program advisories, are still English-only as critics say translation efforts lag.

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School Officials Say: Don’t Report Coronavirus Symptoms to Health Department

Before closing two Bronx schools over student infection, memo warned staff not to notify front-line epidemic response agency about suspected cases.

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Ailing Boss of Raceway Worker Killed by Virus Waits for Test in Queens

Queens lawyer connected to Yonkers Raceway battles fever, cough and grief after "right-hand man" became NJ’s first coronavirus fatality.

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NYC Health Department ‘Not Collecting’ Agency Coronavirus Numbers

In a memo Sunday, the Mayor’s Office of Labor Relations advised city agencies not to report any workers with coronavirus signs to health officials.

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NYC Public School Teacher Reveals Week of Hell Over Coronavirus Scare

Erin McCarthy was refused test after Italy trip. Then some colleagues turned on her. She finally tested negative, but her life is forever changed.