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Department of Environmental Protection

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Mayor’s Map Showed Most of Ida’s Victims Lived Where Rainfall Was Riskiest

Locations flagged in May match spots where basement apartment-dwellers drowned in flash floods Wednesday night. De Blasio says he’s accelerating alerts in advance of heavy rains.

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Ida-Deluged NYC Drainage System All But Forgotten in Climate Battle

Recent projects have expanded sewer capacity in some neighborhoods. But antiquated storm pipes leave the city vulnerable to the new normal of massive rain storms. "We need to rainproof New York City," one expert said.

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How to Clean Up After Ida: A Guide for the Flooded

What you should know about safely putting your place back together, where to look for financial help and whether renters insurance covers flood damage. (Answer: Rarely.)

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Researchers Find Signs of COVID-19 Mutations in NYC Sewage, Pointing to Possible Dog and Rat Infections

Scientists studying coronavirus in local wastewater say that city environmental officials initially had "zero willingness to help explore this potential public health risk." Officials stress that the findings are preliminary.

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New York Is Scouring Its Sewers for COVID-19. Are We Learning Enough From What We Flush?

As COVID-19 rates have ebbed and flowed, city scientists and waste treatment facilities have been quietly working for months to get the straight poop on the virus. But some experts say New York could do more to use sewage to stop the spread.

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Case Tossed Amid ‘Staggering’ Hidden Evidence Allegations Against Vance Deputy

More of Diana Florence’s cases are being eyed after accusations she withheld damaging information about star witness in construction bribery raps.

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Top Vance Prosecutor Accused of Misleading Judge Over Withheld Evidence

Diana Florence, who quit amid allegations she sat on a tape that impugned her star witness, knew of the recording in 2016, a defense attorney charged.

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Subway Water Main Pain Already Worse Than Last Year

There have been 150 more water-related delays or cancelations of subways this month than there were in all of 2019, according to MTA data.

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NYC’s Biggest Shelter Plagued by Asbestos and Other Dangers

Manhattan’s 30th Street Men’s Shelter, which houses up to 850 homeless, is rife with code violations that include fire safety hazards, records show.

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Queens Residents Demand Payback for City Sewage Mess

Astoria homeowners shelled out cash to fix problems caused by a city contractor’s work on their sewer lines. Now they’re fighting for compensation.


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