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City Tells Students Heading Back to School to Hop Turnstiles With Form Letters

School started Monday in New York, but some students who need free MetroCards to travel to and from class are still waiting to receive them. That’s raising concerns among some principals that students could end up in trouble with the police.

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COVID Complicates Back-to-School Lunch Plans for NYC Students

Eating at an indoor restaurant is limited to those who have been fully vaccinated. But in classrooms, many students remain too young for vaccines. Experts warn that lunchtime could be the riskiest part of the school day.

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Schools’ COVID Safety Plan Has Less Testing, Remote Learning for Quarantined Kids

With less than three weeks remaining before schools reopen for a million students, New York City officials on Thursday revealed a suite of safety protocols including coronavirus testing and classroom closure policies.

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De Blasio Keeps Mask Rules for New York City Schools Despite CDC Changes

New York City schools will stick with universal masking for now, despite new federal guidance that OKs ditching face coverings for vaccinated students and teachers, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

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NYC’s School Algorithms Cement Segregation. This Data Shows How

New numbers show how many students are locked out by the system

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Learning Pods are Now Helping Vulnerable Students. Will the Trend Survive the Pandemic?

The pod concept is expanding beyond families with means. More schools, churches and community groups are trying to level the field by offering students of all incomes the in-person, small-group option as remote learning leaves many behind.

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NYC to Pay $500 to Nearly 1,000 Parents to Address Mental Health Needs at Schools

The city Department of Education is launching a mental health training program in May for parents, paying them $500 to become "wellness ambassadors" in their communities.

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Parents of Special Education Students Say the DOE Isn’t Sharing Meaningful Data. So They’re Collecting It Themselves

A trend of parent-driven surveys has emerged during the pandemic. This has helped fill a gap, say parents who are finding it easier to connect online and share information.

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6 Families on What It Will Take for Fully Remote Students to Return to School

Here’s how some families are weighing the decision about whether to return kids to their physical classrooms.

Proposed Reforms to School Policing Would Limit Arrests, Use of Handcuffs and Hospital Transfers

City Council members are considering a slate of bills Thursday meant to significantly change the role of school policing.


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What’s Working And What Isn’t? Help Us Report On Special Education Solutions in New York City

THE CITY and Chalkbeat are teaming up to report on what’s working and what’s not in the world of special education — and we want to hear from you.

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NYC Announces Sweeping Changes to Middle, High School Application Process

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza on Friday said that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced them to dramatically alter the public school admissions process.

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Students on Rikers Island Locked Out of Remote Learning Video Chat With Teachers

For the hundreds of young adults in city jails working toward a high-school diploma, educational and other much-sought programming has been devastated by the pandemic.

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Parents From Long-Shuttered Public Schools Warn: Get Ready for Stress and Tears

Thousands of kids enrolled in southern Brooklyn have already been living with school shutdowns for more than a month, as students citywide now join them in all-remote learning.

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Most NYC Students Are Learning Online, But The City’s Virtual Teaching Strategy Remains Elusive

On a given school day, up to 800,000 students are expected to sign in for remote learning from home — but New York City has yet to put forward a detailed strategy to help schools improve online instruction.

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NYC Public Schools Have Lost 31,000 Students This Fall, Preliminary Data Show

Public school enrollment is falling at schools across New York City, according to data obtained by Chalkbeat. School rosters have already lost about 3.4% of students compared with last year.

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New York State Changes Course on Plan to Address Backlog of Special Education Cases

Officials rescinded a proposal to allow non-lawyers to oversee special education complaints in New York City.

Many COVID Test-Seekers Lost in Translation at City-Run Testing Sites, Say Staff

With schools about to urge testing for symptomatic students, parents with limited English face special challenges in obtaining swabs.

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NYC Schools Can Hold Classes Outside This Fall, And Chancellor Suggests Well-Funded PTAs Could Help Pay for It

Asked about how the city will address disparities in access to outdoor learning materials, Chancellor Richard Carranza suggested that wealthier PTAs could help other schools.

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20% of NYC Teachers Might Work From Home Because of Health Concerns, According to Education Department Estimates

The need will vary from school to school, adding another wrinkle to planning reopenings in the fall.