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Department of Citywide Administrative Services

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COVID Clusters Hit City Workplaces as Frontline Employees Wait for Vaccines

A Sanitation garage in Brooklyn and Flushing Meadows Corona Park locker room are among recent virus breakout sites. Union officials are calling for shots for thousands more municipal employees: "We can’t work from home."

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Wrong Masks and ‘Missing’ Ventilators: NYC’s Billion-Dollar COVID Gear Bungle

At the height of the pandemic, the city issued $1.4 billion in emergency, no-bid contracts for crucial medical equipment — and got the wrong masks and lost track of deliveries, records show. "Stop this s—t!" one bureaucrat cried during an online meeting.

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NYC Auctions ‘Old, Broken and Beyond Repair’ Riot Helmets and Gas Masks

City agencies often sell off equipment they no longer can use. But a few recent lots on the block raise questions during a period marked by the pandemic and protests.


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