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Department of City Planning

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NYC’s Wealthy Enclaves Lost Housing in Past Decade as Combining of Apartments Outpaced New Construction

Parts of the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, SoHo and the West Village saw net drops in residential apartments in the past decade, a new report from the Department of City Planning found.

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What’s the Big Idea for Governors Island? A Climate Research Hub and New Development

Leaders on the island have floated grand plans for the harbor retreat, including a center for climate change education. Finding a partner to build and operate the resiliency hub, however, remains a hurdle.

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Locals’ Lawsuit Slams Flushing Waterfront Development Project

The city’s real estate review process has been stalled for months, but now Queens activists are looking to block a proposal that could bring hotels, offices and luxury apartments to the banks of the Flushing River.

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NYC’s Basement Apartment Crackdown Clashes With Census Outreach Efforts

Building inspectors targeting illegal apartments risk making immigrants even less likely to respond, city advisers warn.

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In Ritzy SoHo, a Crusade to Open the Door to Affordable Housing

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s 300,000-unit program has yet to yield a single new low-cost apartment in Manhattan’s wealthiest neighborhood.

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Popular Supermarket Could Get Shelved in New Staten Island Plans

Western Beef is "likely" to be scrapped under City Hall’s Bay Street revamping proposal, leaving residents with few options for groceries.


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