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Brooklyn Democratic Party Fight Reignites Over a Raunchy Song

An Assembly member called for the resignation of borough party boss Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermelyn after her husband recited crude lyrics during a Zoom meeting. Reformers say the offensive tune exemplified efforts to belittle and silence party members.

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Despite Adams Boost, Progressive Wave Signals the Bronx Machine Isn’t Dead — It’s Rebranding

After the AOC revolution rocked the party, Bronx Democratic leaders picked winners across the spectrum, from the moderate mayoral candidate to left-leaning Council hopefuls. "It’s a new day in The Bronx," declared party leader Jamaal Bailey.

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Democratic and GOP Candidates Rage Against the Staten Island Political Machines

A nod from the local GOP or Democratic Party once usually spelled primary success for Staten Island candidates. But now, contenders on both sides of the aisle are running proudly without party backing — and are raising enough cash to compete.

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Manhattan DA Candidate Farhadian Weinstein Blitzes Airwaves Using Her Own Millions

A new $8.2 million cash infusion from the DA contender, spouse of hedge fund manager Boaz Weinstein, boosts her visibility in the crowded district attorney race. "New Yorkers for Tali" has spent much of it on TV spots, Facebook ads, mailers — and a podcast. 

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Brooklyn Democratic Party Boss Moves to Stamp Out Youth Arm After Cuomo Clash

The progressive Brooklyn Young Democrats have battled the Kings County Democratic County Committee over candidates and more. But members were shocked when Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermelyn cut them out of the party.

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Dissident Democrats Furious Over Endorsement of Brooklyn Judge Accused of Cheating Home Aide

Kings County Democratic Committee members blasted the way the party boss Rodneyse Bichotte pushed through the backing of her ally — before THE CITY revealed the jurists’ past legal woe.

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Party Crashers: Push Grows to Extend NYC Voters’ Party-Switch Deadline to May

Supporters of moving the deadline to May 28 would help more voters participate in the June 22 mayoral primary. But some Democrats see the bid as an incursions.

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Voter Registration Surge Stands to Shape This Year’s NYC Primary Elections

Democrats running for Council and mayor seek to win over New Yorkers new to the political scene.

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Black or Blue? Protest Movements Take Center Stage in Races for NYC’s Swing Seats

First bail reform. Then reopening the city. Now, Republicans looking to take back Brooklyn and Staten Island slots are campaigning on Blue and Black Lives Matter demonstrations.

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How New Yorkers Really Feel About Bernie, Mike and the Rest of the Presidential Pack

The state’s Democratic primary isn’t until April 28. But with "Super Tuesday" rapidly approaching, THE CITY took the local political pulse.


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Ruben Diaz Sr. Congressional Campaign Spends Big on Turkeys and Toys for Voters

The Council member running for Bronx Congress seat purchased $7,000 in Western Beef gift cards, $1,737 worth of pastries and more with campaign funds.

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Max Rose’s Cross-Country Joint Fund Push Skirts Impeachment Talk

New York City’s most vulnerable House Democrat joins high-profile California counterpart Katie Porter to raise money without mentioning Trump’s woes.