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Debi Rose

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Staten Island Building Bust Makes New Breed of Candidates Skeptical of Big Real Estate

Some office-seekers in the city’s most conservative borough are targeting development plans after megaprojects with Manhattan views get mired in delays and flops. The disputes echo issues playing out in Council races across the city.

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City Council Bids to Save Nixed Summer Youth Jobs Program

With 75,000 left in the lurch, Speaker Corey Johnson floats some ideas — including hiring teens at food pantries and even as "disease detectives."

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NYC Ferry’s a No-Go at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal

"Safety issues" over big and small boats sharing space will lead to a move to the far side of Empire Outlets. Meanwhile, Sunset Park gets a new dock.

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Force More Frequent Against Teens At Juvenile Lockups

Stats revealed at Council hearing where city officials came under fire for a rocky start to a law intended to protect kids who are arrested.

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Amoy Barnes Looks to Build on Staten Island’s Growth Surge

City Council candidate hoping to succeed "trailblazer" Debi Rose promises to bring development dividends to the North Shore.

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Staten Island Revamp Advances Without $3,000 ‘Affordable’ Rents

Bay Street rezoning, approved by a City Council committee Thursday, yields a pledge to rebuild collapsed rec center, add schools and fix sewer system.

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Popular Supermarket Could Get Shelved in New Staten Island Plans

Western Beef is "likely" to be scrapped under City Hall’s Bay Street revamping proposal, leaving residents with few options for groceries.

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No $3,000-a-Month ‘Affordable’ Apartments for Staten Island, Lawmaker Vows

Councilmember Debi Rose pledges to veto high-rent housing Borough President Jimmy Oddo is pushing as part of the mayor’s planned Bay Street overhaul.


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