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Darcel Clark

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Bronx DA Clark Vows to ‘Work With’ New Bail Law Amid Concerns

As Cuomo and de Blasio call for changes, the prosecutor said she’s dealing with the rules — even if they’re "a little more extreme than I’d like."

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Correction Officers Are Top Donors to Unopposed Bronx DA Darcel Clark

Union representing jail guards investigated and prosecuted by her office gave $22,000 to fund for an unchallenged reelection.

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Jury’s Out on Prosecution of Parents Who Leave Kids in Cars

Some DAs urge caution in pressing criminal charges like those against Juan Rodriguez in the death of his young twins in the Bronx.

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Push to Repeal Gravity Knife Ban Gains Momentum

A court ruling, city prosecutors’ shifts and a new mood in Albany bolster effort to decriminalize blades commonly sold in stores and carried for work.

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Bronx Prosecutors Want to Keep an Eye on You

The Bronx DA is creating a database of private security camera locations to help ID suspected criminals. Civil liberties advocates are concerned.


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