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Daniel Pantaleo

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In Garner’s Staten Island, Locals Say ‘It’s About Time’ on Cop Verdict

On Staten Island’s Bay Street, where Eric Garner died, an NYPD judge’s recommendation that Officer Daniel Pantaleo be fired was met with relief.

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Mayor’s Garner-Inspired Cop Discipline Overhaul Questioned

De Blasio’s plan to speed up internal NYPD probes could jeopardize criminal cases, say some lawyers and prosecutors — including the acting Queens DA.

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The Garner Family’s Quest for Justice, in Photos

On the fifth anniversary of Eric Garner’s death at the hands of a NYPD officer, here are images of a family’s struggle that resonated beyond New York.

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Eric Garner’s Mother Tells Mayor to ‘Stand Up’ After Feds Ditch Case

De Blasio didn’t stick around City Hall for a rally with Garner’s family. But he changed how the NYPD will deal with police-involved deaths.

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‘The Whole World Saw’: Eric Garner’s Mom Slams Cop’s Defense

Defense witnesses say Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s didn’t use a chokehold in videotaped death. Closing arguments are set for Thursday in his NYPD trial.

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Eric Garner’s Mother Struggles Through Cop’s NYPD Trial

Gwen Carr doesn’t believe the administrative trial — which resumes Wednesday and could end with an officer’s firing — will bring justice for her son.

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Little Change and Little Hope on the Staten Island Street Where Eric Garner Died

Daniel Pantaleo, who escaped criminal charges in the case, faces an administrative trial Monday. But Garner’s pals doubt the cop will be punished.


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