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NYC’s 2021 Mayoral Election Year in Photos

Eric Adams was elected mayor in a campaign season filled with plenty to hear — and see.

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Chinese Voters Came Out in Force for the GOP in NYC, Shaking Up Politics

From Sunset Park in Brooklyn to Elmhurst and Flushing in Queens, frustrations over Democratic stances on schools and crime helped mobilize votes for Republican Curtis Sliwa for mayor and conservative Council candidates.

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Eric Adams Wins NYC Mayoral Election, Earning His Chance to Make History in Post-COVID Era

On Jan. 1, the 61-year-old ex-NYPD captain will become the second Black man to assume the top slot in City Hall. Now he’s charged with leading a metropolis of 8.8 million residents out of the ravages of the pandemic. He won’t be lacking for challenges.

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De Blasio’s Employee Vaccine Mandate Extends to 125,000 Workers at City-Linked Nonprofits

Social service groups, already struggling with staff shortages and financial woes caused by late city payments, want more time. Ditto for municipal unions, which are mulling legal action. Meanwhile, a $500 vaccine incentive is causing a stir.

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Adams: ‘I Was Wrong.’ Mayoral Leader Finally Apologizes for Sexist Smear of Whistleblower Cop

In 1991, Adams labeled Officer Lizette Lebron a "scorned lover" and paraded photos of her in a bathing suit to discredit her for exposing a cheating scandal. After THE CITY detailed the episode, the mayoral frontrunner offered a public mea culpa.

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Who Is Curtis Sliwa? A Look at the GOP Mayoral Candidate’s Wild Ride in New York

The Guardian Angels leader’s history is marked by both fabricated tales and true events that sound like fiction. Here’s what to know about the beret-wearing, cat-rescuing, vigilante radio host trying to make it to City Hall.

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NYC to Eliminate ‘Gifted’ Test in Overhaul of Segregated Program

New York City will no longer test rising kindergartners for entry into its gifted and talented program, which has long attracted controversy for enrolling starkly low numbers of Black and Latino students.

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How Garcia, Wiley and Morales Gave Their Male Mayoral Rivals a Run for Their Money

Eric Adams and his fellow male candidates out-fundraised the women by a six-to-one margin, and did even better with super PAC support. But Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley relied on the public campaign system to come closest to making history.

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Garcia and Wiley Concede Democratic Mayoral Contest, Locking Adams’ Path to City Hall

Kathryn Garcia, who came within 8,400 votes of making history, stepped aside along with third-place finisher Maya Wiley. Meanwhile, Eric Adams took a victory lap, trumpeting his win as "an everyday blue-collar worker."

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Republican Mayoral Debate Takeaways: Mateo and Sliwa Shout It Out

GOP hopefuls Fernando Mateo and Curtis Sliwa used their biggest campaign stage yet to loudly fling insults for an hour, but found some areas of agreement — besides their mutual disdain.


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