Turnstile data analyzed by THE CITY from all 472 stations shows that ridership at three Queens stops along the No. 7 line is currently at more than 65% of 2019 levels, among the highest in the entire subway system.
With little guidance from officials, some restaurants are racking up tickets or abandoning the sidewalk sheds that helped keep them afloat during the pandemic. Meanwhile, residents have complained about trash, rodents and a lack of street parking.
Data tracking entries into private office buildings showed a 5% bump in who’s showing up in person for work, a notable boost from the previous week.
But even as Mayor Adams lifted the mandate, he urged all New Yorkers to continue masking indoors.
Only 64% of riders adequately covered their faces on subways in mid-April, according to the latest data from the MTA, the lowest compliance rate since the agency began tracking in 2020.
Un nuevo análisis revela que los niños negros, hispanos y asiáticos en la ciudad tienen una probabilidad alrededor de tres veces mayor de haber perdido un padre o cuidador, en comparación con sus pares blancos.
The lifeblood of New York’s economy, small entrepreneurs say they need more assistance and less bureaucratic red tape.
Black, Hispanic and Asian children in the city are around three times more likely to have lost a parent or caregiver compared to their white peers, a new analysis reveals.
The uptick comes as a new variant, B.A.2, spreads in New York, and mask mandates in schools have been lifted for most students.
City social service agency imposes limits on orders of fruits and vegetables under federally funded P-FRED initiative. “We didn’t hear anything,” says one volunteer.
Some health experts say the data is useful, but others argue that the money would be better spent on vaccination efforts and improved ventilation.
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But most dining proprietors expressed relief at no longer being “the police” for COVID measures
Recently released data show that 52% of public school students are fully vaccinated, though wide disparities remain.
A majority of NYC’s public school students are fully vaccinated against COVID, but deep disparities remain.
A Bronx couple who say they are among dozens if not hundreds of New Yorkers unfairly billed by the Brooklyn-based physicians
Here’s what NYC school students had to say about mask mandates, in their own words.
Some 7,000 have complained they can’t access the money giveaway, provided to New Yorkers who rolled up their sleeves at certain vaccination sites. The provider got the job without competitive bidding.
School attendance plunged to 67% on the first day back to classes, as unvaccinated children fill hospital intensive care units.
For many, 2021 began with renewed hope as the vaccination campaign ramped up and the city slowly reopened. The surging Delta variant, and later, Omicron, complicated the effort.
Only workers who aren’t fully vaccinated are notified of positive cases in their office. Municipal staffers say safety hazards and double standards abound.