The alleged instructions could have tainted as many as three dozen decisions, leaving at least one person charged at Rikers.
Cops say they spotted a small bag of heroin but the case was dropped. Now a lawsuit is seeking justice — and compensation.
DA Mimi Rocah’s investigation was triggered by a 2020 Gothamist series unearthing allegations of rampant police corruption in Mount Vernon, New York.
Supreme Court Judge Ralph Fabrizio flip-flopped a second time today after inquiries by THE CITY. Prosecutors and defense lawyers had accused him of erratic behavior in other cases.
Nine lots from East 119th to 120th streets are required for the construction of a ‘launch box’ for tunnel boring machines, according to the MTA’s latest court filing.
Court administrators refused to comment on the future role of Justice Naita Semaj-Williams, who drew tabloid and law enforcement ire after releasing a man accused of manslaughter without bail.
A quartet of investors say they’re only helping the dispossessed get what’s due. But their actions have exploited family divisions — and relatives on both sides of the deals say they’ve been ripped off.
The verdict in Manhattan federal court comes four years after the NYC Transit Authority first claimed that Express Scripts Inc. wasn’t properly keeping its eye on the till.
The 31,000 people arraigned for felonies in New York each year have very different experiences in court than the former president.
While there are no specific or credible threats, according to the police commissioner, the city is preparing for the worst — and so are some vendors who work outside of the courthouse.
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Concealed carry rights could be put to the test as NYC authorities prepare for an expected indictment of the former president and any raucous response near a lower Manhattan courthouse.
Former judge Laura Lee Jacobson says a political panel wrongly smeared her reputation and ruined her judicial career.
Bruce McIntyre, who became an advocate for preventing maternal mortality following Isaac’s death, is still fighting for legal rights to their child due to The Bronx’s clogged Surrogate’s Court.
Joseph Foster’s eight siblings planned to use the money for a reunion and memorial, but the city’s notorious estate court has held on to the funds for nearly a year.
At a time when most tenants in Housing Court lack an attorney, and lawyers are going on strike, official review of the ‘Right to Counsel’ law won’t start until the work week ends.
Yet the Bronx public administrator for the “widows and orphans” court has already spent more than half of the money.
When cases go cold, loved ones can feel left behind by law enforcement.
This was a stinging rebuke to Governor Kathy Hochul, who pushed aggressively for LaSalle’s confirmation.
Joseph Brady, legislative director for former Brooklyn Assemblymember Peter Abbate, still faces multiple misdemeanor counts in alleged upstate assault
Craig Chu said he is more qualified than the person the office hired, and was later told by panel members that he made them “uncomfortable.”