A string of new prosecutions highlight how organized crime is targeting the nonunion builders of tens of millions of dollars in projects.
The Housing Authority seeks city funds to remedy hundreds of violations for faulty brickwork, but the Office of Management and Budget says budget rules prevent it.
The case against Odessa Safety comes after undercover agents reported they exchanged cash for documents that falsely certified they received 40 hours of required safety training.
Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez, who prosecuted the case, said the construction collapse that killed Luis Sánchez was a preventable tragedy.
Five prefabricated bathrooms will offer relief in one park in each borough — after a painful wait for a company coping with city bureaucracy.
Fatalities rise again, following a dip during the COVID construction pause.
New York City requires 40 hours of OSHA-certified training for workers on building and demolition jobs. The few free classes available are now overwhelmed.
Permits for more than 58,000 apartments show rush to secure lucrative 421-a benefit ahead of state law’s June expiration.
Neither side is saying what’s behind the dispute, but Make The Road NY has asked a court to toss the debt claim. Meanwhile, the Department of Buildings says the contractor didn’t properly insure workers.
These three sectors explain why NYC just can’t get its groove back.
Renovation of an Upper West Side apartment building is the cause of disputes between longtime residents and new ownership.
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The office asserts the system is broken and City Hall can help more, as it follows a century-old legal precedent and rejects payout requests for flood damage.
Prosecutors allege that the scaffolding at 243 Fourth Avenue had been left unfastened for days, leading it to blow off and severely injure 32-year-old Haley Keating.
In 2019, now mayoral Chief of Staff Frank Carone stepped in as fixer for a project with a trail of shaky safety practices, after a 32-year-old woman suffered life-altering brain injuries.
The second annual report card for 20,000 structures — from pre-war apartment complexes to skyscrapers — showed modest improvements. But the most popular mark was again “D,” even as the pandemic skewed power usage.
The latest employment numbers are 25,000 below the city’s pre-coronavirus peak. With uncertainty over everything from the next mayor to Gov. Cuomo’s political fate, the industry is betting nearly all on President Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure push.
Parts of the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, SoHo and the West Village saw net drops in residential apartments in the past decade, a new report from the Department of City Planning found.
Diana Florence, who left the District Attorney’s office in January following allegations she withheld evidence, becomes the seventh candidate to join the contest.
Crews return to controversial Upper West Side site as developers say wind threatens the unfinished building and officials OK “emergency work.”
Permitted “essential” projects — including hotels, a Queens Target and apartment renovations — go on despite Gov. Cuomo’s March order to limit work.
Construction workers decide between a paycheck and exposure to illness as developers weigh liability concerns for anyone who gets sick on the job.