Tony Nunziato maintained that the embattled Congressman should be afforded due process — but calls his actions ‘despicable’ if true.
An analysis by THE CITY shows that if voters in Sunset Park and Park Slope had been in the district, as under earlier maps, Rose would have edged out Nicole Malliotakis — and maybe helped save Democrats’ House majority.
In defiance of how the issue has been politicized, Staten Islanders have launched relief efforts to provide immigrants clothes, school supplies and job training.
In 2022, members of the family that owns Madison Square Garden and its sports teams gave more than $20,000 in campaign contributions to the Staten Island-based congresswoman who voted against certifying Joe Biden’s election.
Some progressives are urging Niou to launch a general election bid against Dan Goldman, who spent $4 million of his fortune in the primary, but others caution she doesn’t have the progressive vote locked up.
Asian American groups are divided over how best to build lasting power, as a city redistricting commission gears up to meet this weekend in Brooklyn.
DC 37 and other unions are steering clear of that jam-packed and wide-open race, THE CITY has learned, as well as the Nadler-Maloney showdown in Manhattan.
In a draft filed with the court Monday, Jonathan Cervas significantly redrew districts in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. The state Senate stands to change even more.
When Albany’s “independent” commission failed to come up with legislative maps everyone could agree on earlier this year, Democrats controlling the Capitol took matters into their own hands. Republicans cried foul and two courts have partially agreed with them.
The underground office, which was never easy to find in Rockefeller Center, has been replaced by a smaller one, but the letter-carrying agency is facing obstacles on all sides.
The new 10-member commission was meant to wrestle control of the election map-making process from party control, but they failed again to reach a consensus.
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The Biden administration’s injection of billions into local infrastructure has state and transit officials tooting horns about the Q line’s uptown run. But some residents along the route say they’re trying to avoid getting railroaded out of the neighborhood.
The federal infrastructure bill that cleared Congress on Friday is “probably the best we’re going to get,” but still falls short of meeting the city’s vast needs — including some long-awaited subway projects, transit and planning experts say.
Three years after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took down a powerful House mainstay, left-leaning newcomers are still trying to oust the city’s old guard. Veteran lawmakers are well funded — but are headed for an unpredictable election year, thanks to redistricting.
A massive federal plan to spend $550 billion on public transit, bridges and highways stalled in Congress late Thursday, meaning a potential long-term impact to big-ticket projects in New York City and the region.
A bipartisan commission charged with reforming political mapmaking fails its first test as New York Democrats and Republicans deliver dueling congressional and state legislative maps. The gridlock came as House midterm elections loomed.
Mandatory warning systems to keep drivers from stranding children in the backseat are buried in massive infrastructure bills. But one version offers a weak solution, said advocates — among them a father who lost his twins in a Bronx tragedy.
A win by the Republican Assembly member over the Democratic freshman rep would mark a major comeback for the NYC GOP in a race that drew national notice. But Rose is pinning hopes on absentee ballots.
Many city residents who’ve asked to vote by mail in the June 23 primary have not yet received a ballot — spurring civic groups to promote pandemic plans B and C.
The Brooklyn City Council member circulates apocalyptic video blaming current leaders for New York’s coronavirus and George Floyd protest upheavals.
Eight state congressional hopefuls are promising stipends for all. Candidates include James Felton Keith, challenger to Rep. Adriano Espaillat.