Coney Island

Coverage of Coney Island, Brooklyn

Gleaming new high-rise towers, built to the latest standards, stand alongside older family homes, badly in need of retrofitting. Climate change puts both at risk — although on starkly different timetables.
City officials use 10-year amusement park extension to leverage lower proposed rents for Luna Park tenants who’d faced steep hikes and barely weathered the pandemic. But longtime fixture Lola Star could be out of the Brooklyn destination.
Crowds are expected Friday when Coney Island’s world-famous rides reopen after a year lost to the pandemic. But notably missing from the People’s Playground are several attractions scheduled for completion long ago.
Slammed by coronavirus shutdown orders, the folks who make the seaside Brooklyn amusement mecca run say rent breaks and loans may be their best hopes.
A Brooklyn community board unanimously rejected City Hall’s plans for a new bike lane on Shore Parkway. But that didn’t stop transportation officials.
The MTA taps the Luna Park team for an arcade, bar and restaurant complex in the Stillwell Ave. terminal, near the beach, rides and Nathan’s Famous.
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