Con Edison

Thanks to the utility company not submitting proper data, hundreds of locations that received F’s may not deserve them.
The Senate’s $433 billion Inflation Reduction Act marks the most significant federal action on climate change yet. What does it mean locally?
Community solar subscribers are supposed to earn credits on their monthly electric bills from the energy generated from sun-powered projects, but for months, those credits haven’t been appearing.
Households in New York City are seeing big spikes in what they’re being charged this month, even though many aren’t using significantly more juice. We explain why, and what you can do.
As Con Edison downplays the risk of a mass power outage, some New Yorkers are preparing for the possibility amid a pandemic, protests and uncertain times.
Three years after a 30,000-gallon oil spill into the East River, alerts the utility giant must file with New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation remain hidden from public view.
The blasts injure people, wreak property damage, power outages and traffic disruptions annually. We take a deep dive as risk is at height.
The power shutdown for 30K came with scant notice, angering many — including de Blasio and Cuomo. The utility said it averted a bigger crisis.
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