Community Boards

Half of the borough’s boards are in violation of a state law requiring them to document their meetings and make those records publicly available.
Hunts Point icon Majora Carter says Community Board 2 has thwarted the long-pending liquor license application for her new venue.
Liquor license applicants are required to come before community boards before a license is granted — but that’s not the process for weed businesses.
The pushback came at a community meeting that the Department of Homeless Services did not even attend.
York Studios, which opened its Michaelangelo Campus for film and TV shoots in 2019, wants to add a second studio with a 60-foot ceiling.
Just in time for the warm weather, learn how to organize outdoor parties in your neighborhood — it’s not as daunting as you might think.
The target of the taunt is calling for a CB11 board member to step down following an obscene gesture during a fairly routine committee meeting.
They’re the entry level of local government, but what do community boards really do? And how are members chosen? It’s application season, so here’s a guide for anyone who wants to get involved.
If you’re feeling moved to commemorate a neighborhood hero, this guide’s for you.
People can apply to the crucial volunteer positions in Spanish now — but no one has actually done so.
To address the longstanding problem of maintaining good attendance, some leaders are cracking down so the boards can keep functioning.
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The group planning to demolish a 19th-century church and replace it with supportive housing told Rafael Salamanca Jr. that it had informed CB1 of its plans in December, but CB1 says it didn’t even have a meeting that month.
The volunteer bodies often play a crucial advisory role in local decision-making, but that only works if they can form a quorum.
Information remains scant and inconsistent for neighbors as New York’s first legal pot dispensaries move toward opening.
Community Board 5 resolves to reenvision the blocks targeted for demolition and megatowers under a steamroller state project.
Gerald Esposito’s sudden retirement leaves Community Board 1 bracing for budget catastrophe as he redeems decades of unspent vacation time. Two other recent Brooklyn board retirees got paid more than $200,000 between them.
Fred Kreizman worked for mega-lobbyist Capalino and Associates on behalf of condo, warehouse and shelter developers until Eric Adams was inaugurated. Now he’s in charge of the mayor’s office that interacts with community boards and local concerns.
Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine wants to create a “resource center” where deliveristas and other independent contractors can work, recharge and get information on everything from wage theft to health care.
With a law allowing Zoom sessions expiring even as omicron spreads, Gov. Kathy Hochul has a bill on her desk that would virtual sessions for as long as pandemic emergency lasts.
As cases of the Delta variant rise, community board leaders are urging city and state officials to re-suspend rules requiring in-person sessions. Under state open meeting law, any member Zooming in must allow the public to join them — in person.
Here’s what you need to know about borough presidents and how they can help you. They’re more than just cheerleaders — ask former Brooklyn ‘Beep’ Marty Markowitz