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Coalition for the Homeless

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Manhattan Billionaires’ Row Homeless Shelter Opens After Years-Long Legal Battle

Some 80 men will live in the former Park Savoy Hotel on West 58th Street. Homeless Services Commissioner Steve Banks said the battle to stop its opening was "the longest and most well-funded litigation" over a city shelter.

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Sleeping Behind The Bronx Zoo: Why Some New Yorkers Choose Streets Over Shelters

A Coalition for the Homeless study found most people surveyed had been on the streets or subways for at least a year, afraid to go to shelters. Some take refuge in out-of-the-way spots — including behind The Bronx Zoo.

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NYPD Sued for Info on How Cops Treated Homeless People on the Subway

The Coalition for the Homeless goes to court after police refuse to release records detailing how many people cops helped under de Blasio "diversion" program — and how many were arrested or cited.

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COVID Tore Through NYC Homeless Shelters. But Residents Were Kept in the Dark

While the city won’t give infection and death numbers for specific facilities, our analysis shows that some shelters are getting hit harder than others.

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NYC Shuttles Homeless Men from Subway to Packed Shelter

Amid the overnight train shutdown, caravans take men to Manhattan’s notorious 30th St. Shelter where social distancing to stop coronavirus is elusive.

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How Shelter Chaos Drives Many Homeless to Live on Streets and in Subways

NYC’s biggest shelter is plagued by violence — often carried out by repeat offenders who remain in the system, a trove of incident reports reveals.

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Cuomo Slams His MTA on Spike in ‘Soiled’ Subway Reports

The governor says commuters’ "quality of life" is suffering amid the marked increase in reports of filthy train cars and other underground woes.

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Soiled Subways: It’s a Dirty Job, But Nobody’s Here to Do It

Amid a spike in reports of filthy cars, the MTA has cut the number of clean-up crews charged with scrubbing trains, thanks to budget issues.

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Why The Subway Stinks: ‘Soiled Car’ Reports Soar

More than 1,600 incidents slowed service and disgusted straphangers in the first eight months of 2019 — far outpacing the last two years.

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Punch Cards for Homeless Dangle Hope of Housing, Deliver Waits

People living on the street say they have to stay put for weeks on end so they can accumulate sign-offs on their ticket to a possible home.


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