Civilian Complaint Review Board

A draft decision by an NYPD administrative judge argues a late filing by the Civilian Complaint Review Board meant misconduct charges against officers who killed the 32-year-old Bronx man are “moot.”
An NYPD neighborhood coordination officer is accused of taking sides in a local conflict rather than serving as a liaison between the police and the community.
An arrestee once accused Edward Caban of saying he was ‘getting ready with the broomstick.’ The CCRB didn’t buy that claim, but found that he’d wrongfully arrested the man.
Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey is facing a penalty for abuse of authority that would typically be meted out by the police commissioner. The case is going to a hearing instead.
Civilian Complaint Review Board interim chair Arva Rice said Wednesday that a new unit launched in October to investigate racial profiling and police bias won’t have enough funds to operate past June under the mayor’s proposed budget.
Jeffrey Maddrey overrode a Brooklyn police sergeant’s decision to book a former colleague who pursued three boys in Brownsville — with his firearm drawn, they say.
Trawick’s parents and supporters are calling for the termination of officers Brendan Thompson and Herbert Davis — as has happened to only one officer, based on a probe by the Civilian Complaint Review Board, since 2012.
Lt. Eric Dym, who retired in the face of stiff penalties, asks critics: “What do you want to see?” They have some words for him.
An audit by the state comptroller documents growing lags in investigating civilian complaints, in part due to delays from the NYPD — and the problem is only getting worse.
Lt. Eric Dym faced discipline on 52 allegations, but he won’t be terminated for misconduct. Only one CCRB probe in the past decade has led to that outcome — for the officer who killed Eric Garner.
In its first report since the pandemic began, the Commission to Combat Police Corruption says several cops who should have been fired for terrible behavior and lies were allowed to keep their jobs.
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Internal analysis found 585 allegations from 2014 to mid-2020 in which Civilian Complaint Review Board investigators confirmed police misconduct — but the board voted to clear the cops of wrongdoing.
The NYPD leader and four deputies accumulated at least one allegation substantiated by the Civilian Complaint Review Board — and so did his predecessor, James O’Neill. Some of incidents recall the height of stop-and-frisk.
A departmental trial judge found the officer guilty of misconduct in the incident outside the Mobb Deep rapper’s wake. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea overturned the verdict. The video was released after THE CITY pressed Mayor de Blasio.
A federal appeals panel dismissed union arguments of potential harm to cops. Now the city awaits the final OK to unleash potentially explosive documents — including complaints against the NYPD’s last two commissioners.
Under new agreement between the NYPD and its civilian watchdog, most police officers found to have used the illegal, potentially deadly maneuver will be terminated — a tougher penalty than first proposed.
More than six years after the police killing of Eric Garner, officers with substantiated claims of abuse go without any meaningful punishment.
Civilian Complaint Review Board move to investigate allegations ranging from verbal harassment to rape gets backing from legal groups and survivor advocates — and a warning from police unions that the oversight board is crossing a line.
Civilian Complaint Review Board seeks public comment on proposed push to probe cops accused of sexually offensive or abusive behavior, after police-union pushback derailed efforts.
The NYPD has regularly failed to turn over key records and videos to police abuse investigators at New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board. “This just seems like contempt,” said the now-retired judge who ordered the NYPD to use body cameras.