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How to Get an Absentee Ballot

Who can request a ballot? What are the deadlines? How do you return the ballot? Good questions. Here’s what you need to know.

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How to Spot Super PACs in Your Local Election

Local super PACs — including one backed by the world’s richest woman — are making independent expenditures to influence New York’s races. Take a close look at the next campaign flyer you get...

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How Endorsements Matter

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Who’s Running for Attorney General in New York? Letitia James Disrupts a Crowded Field

Letitia James says she’ll run for reelection after all — after nixing a nascent run for governor. Here’s who’s also in the running so far for the state’s top prosecutor, with an overview of what an attorney general does.

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How New York Will Find Its Next City Council Speaker

Here’s what to know about who’s running for the Council’s top job, how the secret campaign process unfolds and why New Yorkers should care — even if they don’t get a say on who it will be.

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All About Your NYC Election Ballot: Put a Stamp On It. Or Two?

Early voting ends this Sunday — Halloween — and Election Day, which is merely the final day to cast a ballot, is next Tuesday, Nov. 2. We’re answering some last-minute questions from readers about ballots.

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Who’s Got Competition in the City Council? Look Up Who’s Running in Your District

We broke down the closest City Council races ahead of the general election on Nov. 2 — and mapped who will be on the ballot in your neighborhood.

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What the Five Ballot Proposal Questions Mean for New Yorkers this November

The handful of ballot proposals being decided on Nov. 2 touch on the future of political representation in Albany, environmental rights for citizens, making it easier to vote and how New York’s civil court functions.

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How Polls Play Into Local Elections

Get ready for a slew of polling data from academic institutions, private polling groups, consultants and political campaigns themselves. What does it all mean — and which numbers can you trust, especially with ranked choice voting in play?


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