CITY stats

Recent Census numbers show deaths and move-outs drove a 300,000-person drop through last summer. Even now, more are moving out than in.
Traditional public school K-12 enrollment dropped 5.8% under de Blasio, even before COVID and remote learning. Charter schools are a big reason.
Deaths despite Vision Zero measures and slowing bus speeds signal bumps ahead.
The number of families in shelters has plummeted, while single adults seek shelter in near-record numbers.
The air keeps getting cleaner — but early progress on greenhouse gas reductions has stalled in recent years.
New apartments became scarcer after the financial crisis — with fewer produced in the past decade than in the 2000s.
The de Blasio years saw an 11% decline in major crimes — but murders and shootings are on the upswing.
Pre-pandemic, fewer New Yorkers were poor than a decade earlier — everywhere but The Bronx
COVID more than doubled city yearly deaths and coincided with record fatal drug overdoses. In better news: more New Yorkers now have health insurance
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