City Government

Mayor’s office requests 15 staffers from the city’s public-help unit to assist him at face-to-face work events and ply partygoers with policy positions.
The buildings commissioner took nine months to submit financial and ethics disclosure forms and his review was still underway when he resigned. He’s since been indicted on multiple bribery charges.
Adams appointee Eric Ulrich pocketed $150,000 from associates seeking city actions, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg charged.
City officials have been begging for a ‘statewide decompression’ strategy for months, but the governor rebuffed it Thursday.
The city’s tax collection agency accidentally shared the home addresses, cell phone numbers and personal email addresses of more than 1,700 workers with all those employees.
Visitors don’t have to worry about getting fined — but there are some pitfalls to watch out for.
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene intends to use Target, Amazon and Walgreens gift cards to boost community engagement.
Children are not the only ones wondering where pets go when they die. Here are your options for disposing of deceased animals’ remains respectfully.
A temporary order bolsters efforts by apps to stop a law that would require them to pay delivery workers $17.96 an hour and make New York the first major U.S. city to set a wage floor for them.
EMTs and paramedics are suing for better pay, as they hold multiple jobs to make ends meet.
School teacher Sharon Adams, wife of the mayor’s brother Bernard, was hired in March as a “strategic initiative specialist” at the city Department of Education. The move came shortly after Bernard Adams left his $1-a-year job as head of mayoral security.
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In a wide-ranging sit-down with THE CITY, the City Council’s leader calls for more consultation and communication from the mayor’s office when it comes to dealing with the recent waves of asylum seekers now filling shelters.
Eric Adams has already presided over three weddings at his official residence, saying he wants the ‘people’s house’ to be open to New Yorkers.
Just in time for the warm weather, learn how to organize outdoor parties in your neighborhood — it’s not as daunting as you might think.
As of April 1, any adult can perform a marriage anywhere in New York State with a special one-day license. Here’s how it works.
Comptroller Brad Lander is scrutinizing the climate impacts of private equity investments — a topic his counterpart in Albany has yet to address.
The city’s 250,000 retirees will switch to a controversial privatized healthcare plan managed by Aetna after Mayor Eric Adams signed a deal endorsed by the major public sector unions earlier this month. Groups representing retirees said they intend to sue to stop it — again.
If you’re feeling moved to commemorate a neighborhood hero, this guide’s for you.
City Council’s own elected leader, Adrienne Adams of Queens, said she wants to put ‘people over everything.’
The Department of Investigation has seen a 10% decrease in staffing that has slowed down investigations and reports, the commissioner told the City Council — and is now facing further funding reductions.
Thousands of ventilators de Blasio commissioned for $12 million sell as scrap metal for less than $25K.