City Government

Documents show the mayor’s counsel readying to recruit pro bono legal staffing from private law firms, as low pay and strict work conditions leave hundreds of jobs vacant.
Eric Adams is promising transparency as his administration probes how things got so cloudy in the first place.
Preliminary stats from Councilmember Gale Brewer ahead of a Friday hearing show deep holes in staffing at key city safety agencies.
Government transparency advocates argue politicians’ social media and campaign sites need to be treated as official documents with public access to archives.
Fred Kreizman worked for mega-lobbyist Capalino and Associates on behalf of condo, warehouse and shelter developers until Eric Adams was inaugurated. Now he’s in charge of the mayor’s office that interacts with community boards and local concerns.
From union pay raises to borrowing costs to pension funds, the rising cost of doing business could upend the mayor’s nearly $100-billion spending plan.
From tweaked tax returns to ethics advice given to top officials, the current mayor is breaking from predecessors’ practice of releasing records — and from his own promises to be open with New Yorkers.
Mayor Eric Adams and Comptroller Brad Lander join forces to say they will not put city deposits into accounts with the financial giant, after advocates point to disproportionate denials of mortgages to Black applicants.
Speaker Adrienne Adams will use the Council’s central fund to pay rent at members’ district offices, freeing up money to dedicate to staff and the community.
Mayor Eric Adams has picked controversial former City Councilmember Laurie Cumbo to lead the Department of Cultural Affairs, according to people familiar with the appointment.
Exodus Transitional Community has received $51 million under a city contract that ballooned during the pandemic, without outside reviews or reporting of crisis incidents
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A slate of Mayor Eric Adams recent staff choices, two for faith-based jobs and one for the office of immigrant affairs, have problematic histories for the LGBTQ community.
Erick Salgado, a Brooklyn pastor who has spoken publicly against same-sex marriage, is going to be in charge of outreach for the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.
Broad cuts, and flat NYPD funding, meet new investments to fulfill campaign promises and promote equity.
Carlo Scissura will continue as head of the New York Building Congress. THE CITY revealed his work pressing public officials on behalf of a real estate investor “friend” — activities experts said could amount to unregistered lobbying.
With a law allowing Zoom sessions expiring even as omicron spreads, Gov. Kathy Hochul has a bill on her desk that would virtual sessions for as long as pandemic emergency lasts.
Carlo Scissura, the mayor’s reported choice as Economic Development Corporation CEO, promised “friend” he’d influence officials on school site sales — without registering as a lobbyist.
THE CITY surveyed incoming and recently arrived City Council members to learn about their priorities for their district, their first-term goals and more. What you don’t know about your new representative might surprise you.
In 2013, then-NYPD Chief Philip Banks made an inquiry after cops arrested Sheena Wright for allegedly fighting with her estranged husband. Now Wright is Adams’ pick for deputy mayor, Banks is his criminal justice advisor, Banks’ brother is schools chancellor — and Wright’s domestic partner.
From affordable housing to waste reduction to high-paid jobs to commercial rent control, we look at where the results stand on some of the outgoing mayor’s major plans touted in annual State of the City and Earth Day addresses.
Letters released after a protracted battle to shield them from public view show ethics board cited the mayor in 2014 and again in 2018 for asking real estate industry players with pending city business to give to his Campaign for One New York nonprofit.