City Council

The short-term rental platform warns it will pull listings, alleging that just nine accounts have gotten a green light from the local government enforcement agency.
The forecast for an additional $1.8 billion in revenue has spawned tensions over how much further Adams’ $107 billion financial plan can stretch.
In a wide-ranging sit-down with THE CITY, the City Council’s leader calls for more consultation and communication from the mayor’s office when it comes to dealing with the recent waves of asylum seekers now filling shelters.
Despite a law passed by City Council ordering the NYPD to evaluate the work of its Equal Employment Opportunity Division, no assessment has been done.
Freshman Kristin Richardson Jordan said the neighborhood political machine — and bad press — pushed her to not seek re-election after just two years in office.
Incumbent Julie Won gets snubbed by a key union coalition after she said building workers cut a dubious deal.
‘We just want a dignified place to sell,’ one vendor at the unpermitted Brooklyn pop-up market implored at a community meeting that drew more than 100 attendees.
The $106.7 billion executive budget will be negotiated with the City Council, which had previously blasted some of the mayor’s cuts.
Fiscal watchdogs have raised alarms over growing deficits and Mayor Adams has proposed across-the-board cuts. But the City Council isn’t having it.
Animal shelter operators and other advocates say a surge in people abandoning their pets in the pandemic has made for a hairy situation. But pet shop representatives say their efforts to come up with solutions to the problem have fallen on deaf ears.
A hearing on the battle for a minimum wage standard for food-delivery services’ couriers got heated with accusations of misinformation and corporate shenanigans.
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The Independent Budget Office, at the behest of Councilmember Gale Brewer, finds debts for violations like parking and sanitation tickets are growing.
Trailblazing labor group Los Deliveristas Unidos loses leaders over fears that a pay boost measure could backfire, stoked by the major delivery apps.
The period for residents to vote on which projects their local City Council member will fund runs through April 2.
Mayor Eric Adams pulls out of a de Blasio-era overhaul that sought to give immigrant street sellers a fighting chance to make a legit living without police involvement.
City Council’s own elected leader, Adrienne Adams of Queens, said she wants to put ‘people over everything.’
In her State of the City speech Wednesday, the legislative leader is expected to propose putting up new public housing in unused plots within existing NYCHA developments.
The proposals, which include figuring out where to build new pools, aim to create a stronger lifeguard pipeline in New York City.
The measures restrict the sale of certain types of e-bikes and the batteries that power them and ban “second-use” batteries.
Here’s what would actually happen if the City Council pulls the plug on the arena NYC loves to hate.
That’s not supposed to happen in a sanctuary city. Next week City Council takes up measures to strengthen that status.