City Council

Campaigns of 13 candidates for City Council got the maximum possible donations from the MSG political committee.
A City Council committee shrinks the timeline for the Midtown arena’s operation as Penn Station plans hang in the balance.
Despite a mandate to return funds, the Department of Correction holds $4.2 million for people it claims it can’t locate.
Visitors don’t have to worry about getting fined — but there are some pitfalls to watch out for.
The idea of giving people a place to escape from air pollution has been tried on the West Coast, and is being considered here after the sky turned orange in June.
Owners don’t object to the goal of a city law requiring buildings to lower carbon emissions — but they do mind the significant expense.
Library budgets have been restored, but officials dubbed the deal ‘bittersweet’ as New York copes with financial challenges.
Fifth time’s the charm for Banks, who has been running against the political couple for a decade.
The city Board of Elections will make its count official next week, but first-time candidates in Harlem and Brownsville are nearly over the top.
All 51 Council seats are open in 2023 in redrawn districts. In the current primary elections, here’s where the most competitive contests are happening.
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The veto further strains the fraught relationship between Adams and the Council, as a deadline for a city budget looms.
The city’s budget is due at the end of June. Negotiations about what gets cut, including funding for libraries, are happening now between City Hall and City Council.
The Council member often charged with being MIA is vying for a fifth term representing Brownsville. She’s up against two challengers, led by a first-time candidate struggling for recognition.
The central Harlem district has no incumbent running after its one-term City Council member dropped out last month. Ranked choice voting strategy may shape the low-turnout contest.
Under Eric Adams’ commissioner, the Department of Correction gutted a specialized LGBTQ+ unit at Rikers. But following an investigation by THE CITY, lawmakers are pushing back with new legislation.
The short-term rental platform warns it will pull listings, alleging that just nine accounts have gotten a green light from the local government enforcement agency.
Who represents you and who wants the job? How has your district changed? And who are the neighbors voting with you?
The forecast for an additional $1.8 billion in revenue has spawned tensions over how much further Adams’ $107 billion financial plan can stretch.
In a wide-ranging sit-down with THE CITY, the City Council’s leader calls for more consultation and communication from the mayor’s office when it comes to dealing with the recent waves of asylum seekers now filling shelters.