City Council

Local Law 97, passed by the City Council in 2019, puts carbon caps on all buildings bigger than 25,000 square feet. With the exact rules still in draft form, landlords are trying to figure out what they need to do now.
Workers who get around on mopeds are pushing for a $5 increase to cover expenses like gas and insurance.
Most of the battery-related fires take place in working-class residential neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx.
Charles Barron called the development in his district a model for others, while Julie Won took credit for “wins” while falling short of the affordable housing threshold she’d called for.
Required by a law spurred by worker organizing and THE CITY’s reporting, pay scale is first for the industry.
Because of once-a-decade redistricting, City Council members are having to defend their seats just two years after taking them. Tuesday night’s strong showing for local Republicans is a big topic of conversation — in Puerto Rico.
Eviction case sought to remove tenants from luxury 429 E. 52nd St. after complaints of “motorcycles” ridden and parked in halls. City Council is now considering bills to prevent destructive lithium-ion battery fires.
It’s hosted pros and serves as a de facto community center, but with back rent due and developers circling the location, Steinway may be playing its last game.
A law from last fall required a comprehensive citywide plan to deal with climate change, but observers say what the Adams administration came up with is hardly what’s needed.
Councilmember Lincoln Restler wants to cover his district with saplings, from Boerum Hill to Greenpoint
A proposal to build dozens of units on a block near the Gowanus industrial zone was cut in half after locals lobbied Councilmember Shahana Hanif.
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NYCHA executive Eva Trimble testified that the authority only relied on the firm once, at Riis Houses — but it was actually many times at dozens of buildings.
As political momentum builds, Astoria’s Council member has remained staunch in her opposition.
On Thursday, the Department of Buildings released a series of draft rules that regulate how property owners are able to comply with Local Law 97.
If Velázquez had maintained her opposition and the committee had nonetheless voted the rezoning through, it could have been the death blow for the Council’s tradition of ‘member deference’
Following a surprising rejection of maps in September, the NYC Redistricting Commission was nearly unanimous in pushing a new set of Council district lines through.
As tickets mount, many vendors feel like they’re being punished by the Adams administration for not having a permit even as they have no way to get a permit.
Every new unit must be built in someone’s backyard, but the current approval process stymies building, say developers and some advocates.
At a tense City Council Hearing, NYCHA officials were grilled about the authority’s lethargic response to complaints about cloudy water and positive arsenic test results. Its chairman was a no-show.
On eve of a Council investigative hearing, sources say weeks went by without action, even as tenants filed dozens of complaints of foul, cloudy water.
The City Council is considering upping penalties for companies that are repeat offenders, which workers allege includes the fast casual Mexican-style restaurants.